TikTok trends OR informative videos?

There seems to be a mix of content creators and the video content they push out. Across TikTok, you’ll find those who sit down and talk to the camera, providing information, tips and news. However, you’ll also find those who are only there for the dance trends.

When it comes to TikTok, it’s about expressing yourself, of course it is. However, if you’re trying to grow your account, or make a name for your brand – how do you go about it? Which side should you pick? The creative, trend hoping side? Or, the informative, this is who we are and what we do side? Does it matter? Can you choose both? We’re here to answer these questions.

So, in short, there is no right or wrong for TikTok. Yes, we know, that’s not what you want to hear. Instead, it would be great to hear that there’s a simple process you must follow, and your account will blow up overnight. Sadly, this isn’t the case. You’ll need to put in a lot of work to grow your TikTok account. Even when you think you’re doing enough, there’s always more!

TikTok trends

A huge part of the reason so many creatives are on TikTok is for the trends that follow. With trends constantly changing and adapting, there’s arguably something for everyone. All types of creators, each business or brand – everyone can join in with TikTok’s trends. That’s why they’re so powerful, because they don’t discriminate.

You’ll find trends for every topic and niche. Whether you want to join in with the latest dance routine that’s been created to match a viral sound. Or, you want to try a challenge. These changes update so often that you’ll always have something new to try. They’re perfect because if you don’t fancy one, another will shortly appear instead.

Typically, you’ll see a new dance trend come out when there’s been new music dropping into the charts. Creators can’t resist. If you’re lucky enough to have some rhythm, and you can get in there early, a way to grow your account and fast is to start the dance trend off. Find a new release that’s bound to become popular and start busting some moves.

All you need is several accounts to copy your dance, and you’ve got yourself a trend. It becomes a snowball effect. One person copies, their followers see and from there, they copy too. TikTok trends are fun to be a part of, and they show your personality. This is often what people want to see on TikTok – who you are. The face behind the brand.

TikTok information sharing

Alternatively, you have the other side of TikTok. The calmer accounts who do sit down discussions. These can come in a range of topics too. Perhaps you want to spread awareness about something, or share your story. Or, you might be a business wanting to give out advice, tips and share more about their brand.

Sit down videos can be quicker because you don’t need to learn anything new. You’re sharing information you already know. However, on the flip side, if you’ve already got a trend in mind, this might take minutes to film – whereas a sit down video might take a few retakes to get right. With informative videos you need to get all relevant points across.

You want people to be able to understand what you’re saying. So, you need to speak clearly and try to give as much detail as you can in a short space of time. TikTok doesn’t allow for hour long videos, so you need to make sure what you have to say can be shortened into a TikTok friendly video.

Information sharing comes in many forms. You might want to share your screen and physically show your audience how to do something or how to access certain tools. Or, perhaps you just want to run them through a few points. It’s up to you how you approach your videos, but remember putting a face to your brand – there’s no going back.

You need to insure, above all, that you come across as approachable. Because, if any viewers have questions, they need to feel like they can reach out to you. You can’t fit all your points into one short video, so you have to learn to be concise. Sometimes it can be hard to get your videos seen if they don’t fall into trending topics.

Trends or informative – which should you choose?

To be honest, not to sound difficult but, you probably need a balance of both. We find that fun trends bring people in. You’re far more likely to get viewers because you’re joining in with what people are watching. Trends spread like wildfire and therefore, being a part of that will ensure you some views.

You come across as fun and happy to play the part. Many go to TikTok to switch off from real life and have a laugh. They don’t always want hardcore facts thrown their way. While they’re extremely useful, with informative videos often you need people to want to learn about this topic. You can’t capture them while they’re scrolling through their FYP (For You Page).

It might be a good idea to start off by sharing fun and carefree videos joining in with trending sounds. This doesn’t mean you have to start a dance routine. After all, depending on your business, it probably doesn’t look all that professional. There’s a fine line between professional and being fun. You need to find a balance.

There are always trending sounds. Many which will fit in perfectly with your business. If you can angle the sound to work for you, then use it. For example, one of our videos that stood out compared to others was to a trending sound. It was sweeping around TikTok, and we were able to use it to fit our niche. Check it out 👇

As you can see, we made it relevant to us and what we offer. Therefore, you’re not going completely off path by trying too hard to fit in. Often sounds or effects burst out of nowhere and suddenly every account is using them to work in their favour. This is where you need to get involved because it shows your company is relevant.

You want to come across as relatable. There are no requirements on what you have to involve yourself with, so find something that fits. Of course, don’t try to be something you’re not. If dancing isn’t your company’s style, then don’t involve yourself with the dance trends. But, try to involve yourself with some trends that might appear on a user’s FYP.

On the flip side, people often won’t follow you if all you post is funny trends. To earn a follow, you need to give people a reason to. There’s a difference between viewers and followers and this is something you need to be aware of from the very start. Likes and views are great, but if people aren’t following you, you have to ask why?

Your views could be coming from appearing on a For You Page. While the views might be coming in, you want to grow an audience. If your aim is to send potential customers to your site, you’ll need them to be following you. After all, if they follow you, they’re clearly interested in your work. Give them information they can get behind.

If your account posts helpful tips and tricks, you’re more likely to gain followers. You’re giving them a reason to be updated when you post. The more information you give out that could be beneficial to your target audience, the better. To actually receive a follow, you need to be providing something worthwhile.

If you check out our video above, you’ll see a different style to the previous one we’ve shown. In this video viewers can see 3 tips on becoming a content creator. Therefore, the video appeals to all those wanting to go into this field. However, would we have posted this as our very first video? Probably not.

It was important for us to gain some views from somewhere first. We wanted to show we can be relatable, and therefore we had some fun by joining in various trends – angling them in a way that relates to us. Once we started to gain some views, we thought we would try branching out. We therefore started to give out advice.

Hopefully anyone viewing our videos will want to see more. They’ll click onto our account, and be presented with videos that could help them. Creating videos that fit your target audience is the best thing you can do. It’s important to keep your account a mixture of informative and relatability if you want to see it grow.

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