TikTok works so well because creators don’t gatekeep ideas

Content creators are on every social media platform; the large ones and the new, practically unheard of apps that are trying to grow. TikTok blew up overnight, and I’d argue it’s largely to do with the content produced on there.

Now, this piece is going to be completely a personal opinion based article. So, buckle up and come along for the ride. I’d like to know your thoughts on the topic, so maybe head over to our socials and let us know what you think.

In theory, you’re a content creator whether you have followers or not, as long as you’re producing content. The word creator implies you simply have to be making content, you don’t have to be gaining followers every second.

However, on TikTok, it seems many creators have found it the easiest place to grow. Why is that? Well, I’d argue it’s down to the way content is produced and shared. It’s simple and effective. There isn’t hours of work that has gone into every video.

YouTube was the OG

YouTube started out as the place to be. If you wanted to vlog, or share videos about your life and your story, you’d upload to the OG channel, YouTube. However, even they’re copying TikTok now by introducing Shorts.

You see, when TikTok came around there were many sceptics. In fact, there were lots of people who refused to download the app simply because they didn’t want to be part of the hype. Most of those have now lost that battle and are just as addicted as the rest.

If you’re not, then… it’s time. You’re not fooling anyone, we all know you watch the same videos months later on Instagram Reels. There’s no point pretending you’re above short form video. Just give in to the temptation.

YouTubers cared about video production

While YouTube might have been the original video sharing platform, it has a lot to learn from TikTok – admittedly like I mentioned, they have stolen many of TikTok’s ideas. However, YouTube was always about being the best at video production.

You needed the best camera, the best equipment, lighting, microphones, editing software and skills. In fact, most of the larger YouTubers don’t even produce their own content, they have a team behind them. This is where YouTube becomes a chore.

It really is a full time job rather than a hobby. It can be soul sucking and doesn’t offer the same entertainment factor for creators as it does for viewers. Rather than simply sharing your day, you have to make yourself interesting.

You have to go out and be fun. Find something unique to do. Film every detail of your life and then spend hours clipping footage together for a 10-minute video. TikTok however, doesn’t demand this level of perfection.

TikTok doesn’t demand perfection

The video app TikTok is a lot more raw and truthful. While you have the options to edit your content, the options are a lot more limited. Creators don’t typically spend hours attached to various video software programs. Instead, the editing is usually done in app.

There isn’t a huge selection of tools within TikTok’s app. You have the basics and people play around with what they have. It makes videos a lot more truthful and real to life. Plus, they’re far shorter than your average YouTube video meaning they take a lot less time.

Viewers don’t expect perfection

Viewers don’t care which is the best part. They’re there to swipe through videos, staying to watch topics within their interests, rather than wanting to see perfect lighting and special effects. People are leaning more towards real life as opposed to a fantasy.

Because no one is required to be perfect, there seems to be a level of support that YouTubers weren’t always offering. I’m not blaming the YouTubers themselves, that’s just the culture. However, with TikTok creators typically want to see others succeed.

There isn’t a battle to be the best as such. Therefore, everyone can create content and everyone can succeed. This finds creatives a lot more willing to share their findings rather than holding onto it as one big secret.

TikTok creators don’t gate keep content ideas

Due to the points I’ve just mentioned, it seems TikTok creators are happy to share the latest trends. When a sound, or song is popular they’ll share it with their followers and encourage other creators to make a video to that track.

Likewise, many will create dance moves to popular songs and then ask other creatives to join in and copy their video. There seems to be a community feel amongst creators on the TikTok app. Which, makes it a far more inviting place to be.

With YouTube there has always been a fear that if you weren’t creating in the earlier days, you stand no chance of making it big now. However, with TikTok, someone could come along now and have thousands of followers by the following week.

Have fun on TikTok

Content is forever changing and adapting, so it’s less about trying to find the hacks, and figure out how the platform works, and it’s more about having fun with the content you create. With features like stitches and duets, anyone can bounce off another creators work.

You’ll even find popular accounts sharing the latest trends you need to jump on board because they want to help other accounts grow. Popular creators will jump into live videos with other creatives. Helping both sides boost their followings.

If you’re looking for a platform to grow and have fun on, I’d recommend TikTok. I personally feel it offers a friendlier community feel that offers all creatives the same opportunities. Plus, you don’t have to worry about having perfect content. Just record and upload!

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