Step-by-step guide to planning your own event

Planning an event can be tough, especially when it’s the first one you’ve had to prepare for. You want to cover all bases, but where do you start? Watch this handy video for tip.

To start with, Elevate suggest listening to your client. Whether that is yourself or someone else. If you’re planning your own event, it might sound silly saying to listen to yourself, however, it doesn’t mean have a meeting with yourself about your wants. Instead, it means, sit down and consider what your goal or outcome is.

If you’re planning a music event, perhaps you want people to hear your new tracks and go away to stream your music. Or, if you’re planning a product promo event, maybe you want the product to then sell. Whatever your end goal is, it’s important to set it, so ask yourself what it is at the start. What are you looking to get from the event?

The second tip given is to think for your guests. This means considering their likes and dislikes. It could be down to the food provided. You’re not going to plan a party for a bunch of children and serve really sophisticated food and alcohol options, are you? Likewise, you wouldn’t serve meat at a vegan event.

It doesn’t just come down to food though. Think about who your target market are. Who will be attending and what might they be into? A group of elderly people aren’t going to want to play a game of rugby for example. If you don’t consider your guests likes and dislikes, you aren’t going to have a successful event.

After this point, the video goes on to mention the difference between events and experiences. This is something you should pay attention to. If you provide an experience, guests and your clients are likely to speak highly of the event and have a great time. Whereas, if you’re planning an event, with no feeling behind it, this might not be a success.

People can tell when you haven’t put your soul into something. It’s important you show you care rather than just saying it. The more heart you put into the planning, the more success that will come from it. You’re more likely to be asked to plan a second event if the first is memorable. This is always the goal.

Finally, checklists are mentioned. This is something you shouldn’t ignore. Why? Because it ensures everything that needed to be completed has been. Things are less likely to go wrong if you plan ahead and continue to check your list along the way. That way you know you’ve covered everything required from you.

This is a really strong video to watch. It gives you information without becoming boring and overpowering. Everything is explained in a simple manner and applies to everyone. Whether you’re completely new to organising things, or, you’ve planned smaller scale events before, you can gain some helpful tips from watching.

One final thing we would suggest with any event is preparing yourself an Event Link. This is a type of Smart Link that combines every useful URL surrounding your event. Anything from ticket links, to social media accounts showing previous events you’ve planned. Creating one through is completely free and will help you easily promote your event.

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