A brand should not ask you to buy a product they want you to promote

When it comes to creating a name for yourself online, it can be hard. There are a lot of people to compete with. However, don’t settle for less just because others are. If a brand wants to work with you, they’ll pay you, they won’t have you paying them.

It’s far too easy for brands to take advantage on social media. With competition so strong, many content creators will take any promos they can get. Even if the cost is on them. There’s no need for you to be paying any amount to then promote a brand. If they want you to work with them, they’ll pay you. Or, at least provide the products.

When creators are new to the scene, they’re desperate to capture their first promotion deal. They want to work with a brand, any brand will do. They’re just looking for the exposure. To them, it proves they’re good at what they do if a company wants them to share their products. Also, many feel they’ll gain followers from the business sharing their post.

Unfortunately, this can often be too good to be true. If it sounds unbelievable, it might be. Those will a few hundred followers aren’t likely to blow up because a company shares their post. You’ll need far more followers to influence the brand’s audience to invest their time in you. You probably won’t grow through a share to their story.

Likewise, you’ll find some companies contacting you and suggesting you buy their product for a discounted price and then share a photo or video of you using the product. In return, they’ll share your post to their story and provide you with a discount code which you can give out to your followers. If your followers use it, you get paid.

Content creation isn’t a commission based role

However, this is just a commission opportunity. You could get a job in commission if you wanted that. In the long run it doesn’t benefit you because they have so many other accounts promoting a discount code. You probably won’t have many sales from it. It’s not an official affiliate link when you’re just starting out.

Also, you should not be paying for a product they want you to promote, whether they give you a discount or not. Any brand that wants to work with you, and wants you to share their products will send them to you free of charge. If you’re a smaller account, you might not be paid on top of this, but you will be able to keep the product.

That’s more of a win-win because you have a free product, promotion on their channel and all you had to do is post a quick picture. Ignore any company asking you to hand over money to work with them. You will probably find they don’t have a huge client base themselves, and they want you to do the hard work for them.

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