Free marketing tools to boost your online presence

Boost your brand, business or yourself as an individual with these free marketing tools. Selling your content and promoting yourself doesn’t have to be expensive. offer tools for free!

Marketing can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be. There are many free marketing tools available that can help you improve your online presence and reach your target audience. From social media management to email marketing, these tools can help you save money while still achieving your marketing goals. is a free marketing tool that allows you to promote your music on multiple platforms. With, you can create Smart Links that direct your audience to your music on various streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

You can also create Pre-save campaigns for upcoming releases, as well as track and analyse your marketing efforts. is a great tool for musicians and music marketers looking to expand their reach and promote their music effectively.

Our platform isn’t just for musicians though. We offer a range of Smart Link templates which allow you to express yourself, brand or business however best fits you. You can choose from; Fan Link, Podcast Link, Event Link, Live Stream Link, E-commerce Link, Bio Link or a Custom Link.

Depending on your choice will depend on what information you need to input. For example, a Fan Link is a music store link, so you will need to place a music URL in. Whereas, a Bio Link could be nothing more than your social accounts.

Unlimited links

When you use for your marketing needs, you’ll have unlimited access to free marketing tools. Unlike other companies, we offer free tools so anyone can access high quality features, without the restrictions that come with cost.

Whether you’re new to your industry, or you’ve been around for quite some time, you aren’t required to spend money you might not have with PUSH. All of our links are unlimited. So, not only can you access as many Smart Links as you need, but you can also use Pre-saves, and Reward Links without worry.

Pre-saves are a free marketing tool for musicians. They’re a feature designed to encourage fans to save your track ahead of release day. They then guarantee streams on the day your track goes live. This is because your music will be saved straight to the fans libraries.

Versatile links

The more streams you get, the more you can grow your artist name. Therefore, Pre-saves are a powerful feature to have. Smart Links are arguably the most important free marketing tool we offer, because as mentioned, they’re so versatile.

You can customise them to suit you and your work. So, no two Smart Links look the same. They’re a digital housing system for all of your important URLs you want to share. Social media platforms, websites, streaming accounts – any link you want your audience to see!

Another free marketing tool we have to offer is our Reward Links. Both you and your audience get rewarded here. They complete tasks you have set, e.g. follow me on Instagram, or stream my Spotify track. Once completed, they can access a digital reward.

Give back to your audience

The reward is chosen by you, it could be a download to a digital file, or maybe a little message with a discount code. It’s completely down to you! They’re a brilliant way of giving something back to your audience while still progressing yourself.

Even those who aren’t already following your business or journey are more likely to because everyone likes to be rewarded. It’s a great way of growing your business or brand. With PUSH, they’re completely free and unlimited.

As we’re completely free at PUSH, our tools are really beneficial because you only grow from them. There is no loss. You aren’t paying for a service and seeing no result. These free marketing tools can work as much as you want them to. Promote them, and you’ll see growth!

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