Smart Links vs. regular links – what’s the difference?

A Smart Link contains multiple URLs, whereas a regular link is just one URL. Smart Links can be personalised to match your branding or aesthetic without the need for your own website.

Smart links are a powerful tool for content creators looking to enhance their online presence. By providing a seamless user experience and valuable insights, smart links can help drive traffic, increase engagement, and boost conversions. In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of smart links and provide tips on how to use them effectively.

We’ll also discuss the difference between Smart Links and regular URLs. Why are Smart Links more effective? Do you need to create a Smart Link? How much do they cost? Who do they benefit? There are so many questions that surround Smart Links, so hopefully we can clear things up within this article.

What are Smart Links, and how do they differ from regular links?

Smart Links are digital housing systems for various URLs. You can place as many URLs under one Smart Link as required. These links don’t have to be anything in particular, they can be any link you want to share with your audience. You can include anything from a streaming link, to a shop link within your Smart Link.

Take every social platform, website, or other URLs you want to share and combine them in one easy to reach place. It offers your audience, or potential audience a variety of options. Those who have Instagram accounts but not Facebook for example, can choose to follow you there. You’re able to share all your social accounts in one place.

This is especially helpful within Bio Links. Social media bios only allow one URL within them. With a Smart Link, you’re following this rule, but the one URL contains multiple within it. A regular link could sit within your bio, but it would be the only one you could share. Especially with platforms like Instagram, where URLs don’t hyperlink within a post.

A Smart Link can be personalised, so it’s unique to you. You’re able to add your own image, description, logos, links and title. The idea is that your link landing page is like a mini website for you. There is no real limit as to what URLs you can include in a Smart Link. With PUSH, they’re free, so it makes sense to use them to your advantage.

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