Various types of Smart Links to use within your independent marketing

With, there are a few different Smart Link templates you can choose from. Depending on your niche, brand, or business will depend on which template will suit you best.

All Smart Links can be completely customised to represent you. There are various aspects you can personalise, such as your URL, store logos and feature image.

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Smart Link templates

When creating a Smart Link for free with PUSH, you can choose from the following templates:

Fan Link

A Fan Link is a digital housing system for all your streaming store links. You’re able to combine all URLs where your track or album is available under one roof. This allows your fans to find your music on a store that suits them best. It means you don’t have to promote all your streaming platform links. Instead, you can share just one URL which contains everything they may need.

You’re also able to input your social platform links too. This means your fans can follow your music journey through more than just your songs. They can easily find your social media accounts and be on board with the entire process. Fan Links allow you to customise everything from your featured image, to your store logos.

Add in your own personal flare to your links. Show your artistic style through your Fan Link. Changing the store logos to match your branding could really make your landing page stand out. Why not add in a description to let your fans know the meaning behind your track(s)? Allow them to feel included with the journey as a whole.

You can add as many or as few links to each Fan Link as you like. There are no limits. You’re also able to go in at any stage and turn off certain stores, if you no longer distribute to them. It’s an easy way to promote your latest release for free. Place them within your social bios, and share them wherever you can to make your artist name known.

Podcast Link

A Podcast Link allows you to compile any Podcast URLs into one place. This means, your listeners can access all channels where your Podcasts are available without having to search the platforms themselves. They act in a similar way to a Fan Link – adding in various streaming platforms where your audience can listen in.

Just like with other templates, you can customise your Podcast Links to represent you or your Podcast. If you have a specific theme to your sessions, why not incorporate that within your links? Add in your logo, change your URL title, so people know it’s you. It makes your links self explanatory.

Add them into your bio so anyone visiting your social channels can find your Podcast and give it a listen. Encourage people to share it. While presenting your Podcast, mention your link and get your audience involved. Ask them to share it with anyone they think might enjoy your topics. Again, add in your social accounts, so your audience can keep updated with your life.

Event Link

Event Links allow you to schedule anything from festivals, to comedy shows. The idea behind an Event Link is, it contains everything your potential consumers and therefore audience will need. When heading to your URL they should be able to see an easy-to-access link to purchase tickets, this is one of the key components.

Within your Event Link you can add URLs to various social platforms, or even an event website. This will allow your potential audience to see images or videos of previous events you’ve hosted. It’s a great way of giving them a preview of what to expect. It’s important to set the scene within your links.

You can customise your Event Link in the same way you would any other link. Ensure you’ve selected a powerful feature image as this is what people will see first when clicking on your link. Perhaps include a link to T&Cs or any frequently asked questions too as this will help eliminate any confusion.

Live Stream Link

For anyone wanting to go live across various platforms, it helps to have a URL for fans to access. Not only can you input your live streaming links within your URL, but also your social accounts. Your audience is then able to keep updated with your every day life, as well as being able to easily reach your streams.

Streamers often share Q&As to their socials that they then go through within their lives. Having a link that allows your audience to easily reach all other resources means they don’t have to search for it. With a Live Stream Link you’re able to update them as often as you like and the changes are immanent.

This allows you to update your URL each time to go live on a new channel or platform. Your fans will always have access to the latest, most up-to-date links. You can add a description letting them know what to expect from your lives, or perhaps a link to previous lives that were recorded.

E-commerce Link

An E-commerce Link refers to shopping links. It’s a place to combine all URLs for various consumer platforms. For example, if you’re a small business selling on the likes of Etsy and Shopify, you might want to create an E-commerce Link, so your potential consumers can easily access your stores.

Small businesses and brands often rely on word of mouth and social media to help spread their content. Being able to share one link that contains your store links is therefore really beneficial. Not only can you as a brand owner share your links across all social platforms, but also you can ask your followers to.

Place the E-commerce Link within your bio and then anyone taking a look at your socials can easily access your store. Making the purchasing process easy for consumers will make them far more likely to purchase from you and possibly even become a returning customer.

Bio Link

A Bio Link is what many have within their social media bios. It gets around the rule that almost all social platforms have – which is, only one link per bio. With your own custom URL you can add as many relevant links as you want to all under one roof. This will allow your followers to find your other social accounts easily.

Many creators put in links to causes that are important to them, or perhaps a website link to a company they’re working with. It’s a great way to promote any brand deals you may have. Those who own a blog might input their blog link within their Bio Link. These links can of course be customised too.

Whenever you update your social media images, you might want to consider updating your link feature image. This will keep your links relevant and help your audience easily identify your link as belonging to you. You can even add a description or change your store logos if you have a particular style you want to work with.

Custom Link

A Custom Link is exactly what it suggests. It’s for you to customise yourself. Essentially a blank canvas. You can start from scratch without a template, and make your link appear in which ever way you’d like. The choice is completely yours with a Custom Link. There are no limitations.

It is your choice how you want your link to appear. You’re still able to change logos, add descriptions and move your links into any order you like. However, you have more control over what has to be included. With it being a completely blank link, you’re able to add your own spin on it.

This style link might be good for those who want to make a digital portfolio. Include links to all your relevant work, and perhaps a link to an online copy of your CV. This will help you stand out to employers. You could also use a Custom Link for recipes, add in your favourite ones, perhaps a link to your cooking channel and even where to purchase your book.

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