Spotify to release playlists that can only be unlocked through NTF holders

Spotify have promised NFT holders extra perks for quite some time. It seems the streaming platform are going to come through with this by creating token-gated playlists. This will provide exclusive access.

As mentioned, Spotify have been promising extras to NFT communities for a long time, and it seems they’re finally putting a plan together to make this happen. Kingship, a band signed with Universal Music Group have put out a tweet sharing that they’ll be joining forces with Spotify in their new endeavour.

They’ll be just one of the artists creating a playlist that can only be unlocked through NFTs. The NFTs required will be relating to the artist themselves. For example, those who want to access the Kingship secret playlist will have to have a Kingship key card through being an NFT holder. To be part of it all, you’ll need to link a crypto wallet to your account.

Money seems to be a thing of the past, well physical money that is. Now, you’ll need to link to the likes of Metamask, Trust Wallet, Rainbow, Ledger Live or Zerion and add your crypto currency to be able to join the NFT communities on Spotify. Currently, only Android users in the US, UK, Germany, Australia and New Zealand can access Kingship’s NFT playlist.

You can see a break-down of how it works below 👇

Apple have previously released a list of rules which restrict NFTs. These rules were set out in October 2022. This is likely the reason Spotify have only released their new idea to Android users so far. Potentially over time Apple users will see this feature, however it’s not clear when this will happen. Crypto markets have been struggling more so recently, so it seems brave Spotify chose now to follow through.

Although this is Spotify’s first attempt with token-gated playlists, they have been discussing it for quite some time. Previously, they experimented with NFTs when allowing artists to promote digital art across their platform. What are your thoughts? Do you think they’ll get some interest? Or, is it really not worth the hassle?

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