Spotify expand into AI with new DJ feature

Spotify are always looking for ways to expand their current features. With AI proving more and more popular, it’s only natural Spotify wanted to be involved. They’ve found a way through a new DJ idea.

Spotify are always looking for new ways to expand their platform. Adding new features, or updating current ones. They try to stay relevant, which is why they’ve recently gone down the AI route. It’s no secret AI has been taking over. Platforms are finding any way they can incorporate the technology into their servers.

The music platform is wanting to make things even more personal. They started with Discover Weekly and Wrapped campaigns. From there, after user feedback, they’ve found personalised features are a great selling point for them. This is why they want to add a DJ AI feature which can be customised. Spotify have even said the new feature will help you connect deeper with your favourite artists.

Spotify DJ currently in beta

Hopefully the AI feature will get to know you and your music tastes. It will then be able to choose what to play for you based upon your listening habits. Currently, the product is in beta. Not all accounts will be able to access it. However, over time, it will be adapted, and Spotify users will be able to use it.

Users will be able to discover a line-up of music chosen for them. Alongside this, there will be commentary which will talk about the tracks and artists chosen. This will be spoken in a realistic voice. Bringing AI closer to reality once again. Sorting through recently released tracks, and the latest music available while also reviewing old favourites.

The more you listen, the more it will update your preferences. You get to provide feedback and the AI will use this to refresh the choices selected for you. Songs you haven’t heard in years will be thrown your way, and you’ll likely rediscover old loves. If it’s not your thing, you can switch it up. Tell the AI DJ what you do and don’t like.

How to access Spotify DJ

Those who own a Premium account in the US or Canada will be able to access Spotify’s AI DJ first. It will be available in English to begin with. To access it, you’ll need to:

  1. Go to your Music Feed on your home page. This must be done on the Spotify mobile app, both Android and iOS.
  2. Click the Play on the DJ card.
  3. Spotify will take it from here. The platform will show a line-up of tracks they’ve picked for you.
  4. Hit the DJ button on the bottom right if the tracks aren’t doing it for you, and you want a change.

📌 Please note: These instructions were taken directly from Spotify themselves

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