What is a TikTok stitch, and how can you create them?

A stitch allows other creators to make a video with your content as part of it. You set the rules on who can stitch with you. Those who can are able to expand on your original content.


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A TikTok stitch is a tool which allows you to create your own video, using elements of another creator’s content. Likewise, if you set your videos up to stitch with, other creatives will be able to take parts of your content and use it as their own, adding to it to make a different video for TikTok. There can be limitations depending on the creator. TikTok allow each creative to make their own selections as to who can stitch their content.

How does a TikTok stitch work?

Creators that make their videos available to stitch can choose who is able to stitch with their work. If you only want your friends to be able to back onto your video content, you can turn these settings on. Likewise, you can allow everyone on the platform to stitch your content. However, either way, you will need a public account, so people are able to share your videos.

If you head to your settings, you can set up who is able to stitch your content:

  • Everyone – Anyone can stitch with your videos.
  • Friends – Only people who you follow and also follow you back can stitch with you.

You can change your stitch settings at any time by heading to your privacy settings. It will update all of your videos, rather than turning off each video’s stitch option individually. However, if you want to turn stitching off for certain videos but not all, you can do this. You will need to edit the privacy settings of the video you want to turn stitch on or off for.

Important things to be aware of when allowing others to stitch with your content

  • If someone creates a stitch from your video, their privacy settings will determine who is able to watch the stitch. Their followers will be able to comment, watch, download and interact with the stitch. If their settings are set to everyone, then anyone on TikTok can access their video.
  • The stitched version will appear on the page of the creator who has stitched with you. On your page, you will only be able to see the original video.
  • If you change your settings after creators have already stitched with your video, no one else will be able to stitch from it, however, the videos already made will remain public.
  • You’re able to report any stitch that offends you, or perhaps could be damaging to other users.

Under 18’s will need to review the Privacy and Safety settings before stitching, or allowing your content to be stitched.

How to stitch with another creator’s TikTok video

  1. Click the Share button on the video you’d like to stitch with. This can be found on the right-hand side of the video.
  2. Choose stitch.
  3. Select the part of the video you’d like to stitch.
  4. Choose your filming option, which can be found on the side panel.
  5. Click Record and start filming. Once you’re done, click the check mark.
  6. Edit your video and press Next.
  7. Adjust any settings, add a caption and select your thumbnail.
  8. Post your video.

How to change your stitch privacy settings

  1. Click on your TikTok profile.
  2. Select Menu at the top of the page.
  3. Choose Settings and privacy.
  4. Click Privacy and then choose Stitch.
  5. Choose you can stitch from the Who can Stitch with your videos section.

Before posting a video

  1. Create your video.
  2. Edit your content.
  3. Head to the Post screen.
  4. Turn Allow Stitch on or off.

Update stitch privacy settings for an already existing video

  1. Head to the video you want to update.
  2. Click the More options button which can be found on the right-hand side.
  3. Choose Privacy settings.
  4. Turn Allow Stitch on or off.

How to manage videos created from your stitch

You can view all videos stitched from your original content. There is the option to delete any video created off yours, and you can also delete the original video which will then permanently remove it from TikTok.

Here’s how to view or delete a stitch related to your video:

  1. Head to your profile.
  2. Click on the Menu button.
  3. Choose Settings and privacy.
  4. Press Privacy, then choose Stitch.
  5. Tap Manage associated videos.
  6. Click the More options button next to the video.

From there you’ll be able to click See details and view all Duets and Stitch videos that have been made from your original content. To delete them, you can click Remove all and then delete these removed videos. Before deleting them, you can download your original video. You can also delete certain stitched content this way.

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