Talent Manager Portal – a feature for TikTok creators and brands

TikTok creators will now find it much easier to partner with brands, as will the brands themselves with creatives. A new feature – Talent Manager Portal has been added to TikTok’s platform. But, how does it work?

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TikTok’s latest feature is for those creators who have a talent manager already. It allows managers to access their brand collaboration requests. This means managers can act on behalf of their creators by overseeing what goes on within the account. The account itself is still overall managed by the creator, but now, managers can look at potential partnerships on behalf of the creative.

The Creator Marketplace has undergone some changes. Soon, the new Talent Manager Portal will be visible under the creative hub. It allows managers to negotiate terms, payments and contracts for their clients. All without the creative needing to be involved. Providing the manager is granted access, they’ll be able to make all the arrangements from their side.

A talent manager will be able to:

  • Manage deals
  • Negotiate contracts and payments
  • Deal with feedback
  • View reports and statistics for campaigns
  • Oversee the content shown to brands

The latest update is currently being tested. Various agencies, managers and creatives have been included within this test. Talent managers won’t be able to access the creator’s account. They won’t be able to see private information, their likes, messages and notifications. All of that will remain private to the creator themselves. Managers will simply be able to see the business side of the account.

How will creators benefit from the Talent Manager Portal?

As creators grow, so does their work load. The bigger they become, the more chance they have of acquiring a manager. These managers are great for bringing in the brands for creatives to work with. However, often the creator has to deal with the communication themselves through the platform, as well as recording and editing the content.

Taking a step out will do wonders for creators. Now, they can pass all the numbers side of things to their managers. They can deal with contracts and how much the creative will earn from each deal. The creator can then focus their time on making the videos for these brands. It makes the lines of a creator and a manager black and white – there’s no room for blurring the two.

Brands themselves have been a 22% increase in recommendations through working with creators. This is why you’ll find more and more businesses teaming up with creators to promote their products or services. It makes sense for brands to put their trust in creators. Paying out for a few promotional videos could see a huge boost in their sales.

The Manager Portal seems like a win win. Creators are likely to have more time to focus on their craft. Whereas brands might see an increase in response time because the communication has been outsourced to the managers. Also, it’s possible creators will see better income through adverts because they have someone negotiating their contracts.

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