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Understanding TikTok’s platform instability

Understanding TikTok's platform instability

TikTok is a fantastic platform, but like with everything, it doesn’t come without its issues. The platform can be unpredictable, and therefore, annoying. It can cause frustrations for users. In the vast ocean of social media platforms, TikTok stands as…

TikTok introduce Youth Council to protect younger users

TikTok introduce Youth Council to protect younger users

TikTok has introduced a Youth Council with the idea to keep kids safer on their platform. This council will work with TikTok to present issues and concerns that appear on the app. Facing them head on. TikTok is doing something…

America’s TikTok ban – updates of 2024

America's TikTok ban - updates of 2024

For years now, the US government has been threatening to take away TikTok for good. This comes after arguments over how data and personal information was being stored and used. A recent bill aiming to ban TikTok has rapidly advanced…

TikTok sue Montana after video platform ban

You heard that right, the viral video giants are suing the state of Montana. They claim the First Amendment rights are being violated by the recent ban. TikTok argue American’s have a right to access the platforms they choose. In…

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