TikTok’s error message – prevents commenting on videos

If you’ve commented on a few videos in a row, you might have seen TikTok warn you to slow down a little. This is to prevent your account being marked as spam, and potentially blocked.

This error message often occurs with new TikTok accounts because when you first sign up, you’re in a rush to follow all your favourite creators. However, this can look like spam to the platform and could even lead to your account being blocked.

When TikTok feels you have overdone the likes or the follows, they will present a message warning you to slow down. It will inform you that you have been liking or following too fast. This prompt will let you know you need to take a break from doing this.

Normally, when this message appears, an account could be disabled for 24 hours. This is just to prevent the user from causing any more spam. While you personally might not be trying to cause any harm, some accounts are a lot more sinister than you.

Some will create accounts purely to spam, and this can damage the app because it becomes overrun with untrustworthy content. If you see one of these messages, refrain from trying to like or comment and your ban should be lifted within 24 hours.

You can receive these warnings for the following; liking, commenting or following accounts too quickly. You will know which has occurred due to TikTok’s message. It should be quite hard to ‘spam’ on TikTok unless you’re intending too, but it can innocently happen.

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