Create your own radio playlist through YouTube Music’s AI

YouTube Music are testing a new feature which will allow prompts to be entered. Upon entering them, the AI technology will create a custom radio playlist.

Create your own radio playlist through YouTube Music's AI. YouTube Music AI radio.
Credit: YouTube

With just a simple prompt, YouTube Music’s AI tool will now create a custom radio. This feature is currently in the early testing stages, so it hasn’t been rolled out to everyone yet. Once they have accurate results on the feature and how it works, they’ll be able to fix any bugs and distribute it across the whole platform for all users to enjoy.

Users will be able to see a card which states “Ask for music any way you like”. This will appear across their device or app, regardless of what device they are viewing it from. They’ll also be able to see a button which reads “Start radio” this is similar to the current “Create a radio: Your music tuner” feature. The current feature can be found in the Library tab.

When you click on the new radio button, you’ll notice a chat-based UI appear. The field at the bottom allows you to ask for certain music, or experiment through a dedicated badge. You can input prompts and allow YouTube Music’s AI to create something for you. This will allow users to discover new music and find new artists, all with minimal effort.

If you want to use your voice as a tool, you can enter voice prompts. YouTube Music said, “AI-generated responses are experimental. Quality and accuracy may vary. Please don’t enter confidential or personal information regarding yourself or others.” This is to avoid AI storing any information that it shouldn’t have access to.

YouTube Music offer suggested prompts, so if you’re unsure on what to ask for, then allow YouTube to figure that out for you. There are options such as; Catchy pop choruses, Epic soundtracks, Upbeat pop anthems, and Moscow rock scene. You can even ask the platform to surprise you if you’d prefer something completely random. sign up for free GIF
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