YouTube Music will restart from where you left it on the web app

Now, you can use YouTube Music’s web app to find where you previously were when you last streamed. Upon relaunching the app, you’ll see your last song and the queue you had previously set up.

Just as the app does on both Android and iOS devices, YouTube Music for the web will now remember the last song played. If you have something stored in a queue, you can revisit and start listening without needing to remember where you left.

YouTube will do all the work for you. Previously, when you closed the web platform, all of your data would be deleted. Therefore, you’d reopen the web page and have to search for your music all over again. It could be quite frustrating if you weren’t finished with your session.

Perhaps you’d taken a call, or been redirected to another site for a few moments. Upon your return, you’d likely find you’d been taken back to YouTube‘s homepage. You’d then need to research for the tracks you were previously listening to.

That’s fine if you can remember exactly what it is you’d left. However, if you had stumbled across some great music by flicking through various options, you’d likely be unable to find that content again. Until now, that is, with YouTube Music’s web updates.

The web player will remain stored with your recently listened to music, along with your up next queue. Allowing you to restart exactly from where you left things. If you’re listening to a podcast, however, you’ll find the process is a little bugged.

While you are taken back to the correct episode, YouTube Music won’t remember the timestamp. So, you’ll be redirected to the beginning of the episode and will need to scroll through to find the right time point again. For songs, it plays from the second you left it. sign up for free GIF
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