Apple Podcasts introduce automatic transcripts

Whether you’re an Apple user who is hard of hearing, or wants to follow along as you listen, transcripts are a very useful tool. Now, Apple Podcast users can access them automatically.

Apple Podcasts introduce automatic transcripts. Screenshot of a snippet of a transcript loaded on a smartphone.
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Exciting news for podcast lovers! Apple has just introduced a new feature in its podcast’s app: automatic transcripts. This feature comes with the latest 17.4 update for iPhones and iPads. Those who want to read along at the same time they listen, or want to be able to go back and check facts or information, can do so. Making podcasts more accessible.

So, what does this mean for you? Well, now when you listen to your favourite podcasts on Apple Podcasts, you’ll also have access to a written transcript of the episode. These transcripts will pop up shortly after a new episode is released, making it super easy for you to find and jump to specific parts of the podcast by searching for keywords or phrases.

You can find the transcripts for each episode in the bottom-left corner of the “Now Playing” screen. This move by Apple seems to be in response to Spotify, which introduced automatic transcripts for its podcasts last year. And while this feature is great for users, especially those who are deaf or hard of hearing, some podcasters are worried about potential errors.

Apple Podcasts introduce automatic transcripts. Example of an Apple Podcast transcript loaded on a smartphone.
Credit: Apple

These can occur with automated transcription tools. But Apple has thought about this too. Podcasters have the option to upload their own transcripts if they prefer, or they can edit Apple’s transcript before sharing it. Just like YouTube have offered for quite some time with their subtitles. Either add your own, or edit the ones generated.

These transcripts will be available in over 170 countries and will initially support English, French, German, and Spanish. However, they won’t translate transcripts from one language to another. Therefore, if you’re listening to a podcast in English but want it translated to your native language, you’d have to find a way of copying it and translating it.

Overall, this new feature is a big win for podcast enthusiasts, making it easier than ever to enjoy your favourite shows on Apple Podcasts. Whether you’re wanting to follow along, or need transcripts to make podcasts accessible, it’s a great move. Also, a move that is really valid for the times. It’s something all platforms should get on board with. sign up for free GIF
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