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Apple Podcasts introduce automatic transcripts

Apple Podcasts introduce automatic transcripts

Whether you’re an Apple user who is hard of hearing, or wants to follow along as you listen, transcripts are a very useful tool. Now, Apple Podcast users can access them automatically. Exciting news for podcast lovers! Apple has just…

Apple WWDC 2023 event starts on the 5th June

Starting on the 5th June and continuing through until the 9th June, Apple’s developer conference will take place. Despite the pandemic almost being history Apple are still planning to run their conference online. Apple have announced the date for WWDC…

How to Pre-save on Apple Music

Pre-saving on Apple Music has multiple benefits. For yourself as a fan, you’re guaranteeing the music will be in your library by release day. On the other hand, as an artist you are securing yourself listeners before your music drops.…

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