3 reasons your Podcast isn’t growing

If your Podcast has been on air for some time, and you haven’t seen substantial growth, there could be multiple reasons why. Instead of becoming disheartened by it, start focusing on why this might be, and what you can do to change this.

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With the popularity of Podcasts on the rise, many are turning to the idea of audio based content. More and more creators are starting to host their own shows, but, with the market becoming saturated, how do you stand out? Is there a way to ensure your content reaches listeners, and secures their loyalty over your competition?

Before throwing in the towel and giving up, consider how you can change your Podcast. Find new things to try, consider asking others to join from time to time. There are many avenues you can try before deciding it isn’t for you. It will just take time and effort to put things back on track, but, if you really want it, it will be worth it.

Below are three reasons your Podcast might not have taken off:

1. Your content isn’t strong enough

This isn’t to say your work isn’t any good. It simply means you could be choosing topics that are over saturated already. If you’re going to discuss a topic that many others already have, then you will need to find a new twist, or avenue within your niche. Do some research. Listen to Podcasts from your competition. What are they discussing?

If you’re talking about the same things that many other creators have, you will likely find your content doesn’t do too well. After all, people have probably heard it multiple times before. You need to bring something unique to the table. Otherwise, you’re a carbon copy of other Podcasters out there and that’s why yours isn’t growing.

2. You need to work on your presentation

There are multiple ways this might apply. Perhaps you need to invest in some new equipment. What you currently have might not produce enough quality to compare with other Podcasters. It could be that your sound is grainy or unclear. Try altering your sound before you continue. Otherwise, no one will choose to listen.

The same goes with speech. If you aren’t speaking clearly, how will anyone understand you? You need to ensure you are speaking with a clear enough voice for listeners to know what your Podcast is about. Otherwise, they will switch off and not tune in again. Communicate clearly, and you might see your growth improve.

3. You need to work on your marketing

If you haven’t already, we’d consider creating a Podcast Link for free through PUSH.fm. You’ll be able to create a unique landing page which combines all of your personal URLs in one place. Attach links to every platform where your Podcast is hosted. That way, your listeners, and potential ones, can find your show on their preferred store.

You can’t rely on people stumbling across your Podcast. Streaming stores aren’t going to promote shows that aren’t performing. How do you expect people to find your work if you aren’t working hard to share it? You need to promote yourself. Optimise your content by writing show notes that could appear on Google.

3 reasons your Podcast isn't growing. PUSH Podcast Link example.
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