YouTube Music are introducing Podcasts

YouTube Music users will now be able to access everything through the streaming app. With podcasts coming to the platform, there’s no need to turn elsewhere. It’s not just audio podcasts either. Video podcasts will be featured too.

YouTube Music have announced they’re expanding into podcasts. The video platform YouTube already hosts multiple video podcasts, many of which receive millions of views per video. However, now they’re wanting to make room for this feature over on their music platform. This would mean users don’t have to switch between sites, they can get everything they want in one place.

Both audio and video podcasts will be brought to YouTube Music. This is being rolled out to US users first. It’s likely the rest of the world will then eventually see the changes. YouTube are looking to make podcasts more accessible, and by adding them to all platforms they offer, they’ll certainly do this. Users paying for a service like YouTube Music won’t have to visit the video platform to watch video podcasts.

“This will help make the podcasts that users already love on YouTube, available in all the places they want to listen.” Creatives will be able to add their podcasts through YouTube Studio. Just like they do normal video content, soon they’ll be able to use this for podcasts too. Creators will have to fit in with YouTube’s rules, just like they do with video content. Those who don’t subscribe to YouTube Music will be able to listen, but will experience adverts.

Unlike their rivals over at Spotify and Amazon, YouTube aren’t planning to create app exclusive podcasts. Meaning, there won’t be any podcasts on YouTube that can’t be accessed elsewhere. This could change over time, but for now it seems YouTube aren’t looking to create any exclusive deals. Instead, they’re looking to rely on the large platform they currently have on their video site.

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