Train your ears with SoundGym – a free online platform for music producers

SoundGym is a free online platform that helps train your ears to listen for certain elements of sounds and music. A powerful tool for music producers, engineers and musicians wanting to improve their music quality.


SoundGym was created to help train the music ear. The idea is, the more you practise singling out certain elements of songs, the more you’ll be able to do this naturally when working with music. As a musician, this could improve your own tracks because you’re learning to pay more attention to every individual component. Since it first started, SoundGym has grown rapidly in popularity which shows it works. It’s now used in over 200 countries worldwide.

How does SoundGym work?

SoundGym makes it super easy to get started. First, you’ll need to sign up using your email address. From there, you’re ready to get started. As you can see in the GIF above, you’ll be asked to choose your requirements. This is so SoundGym can put together a training program that’s right for you. You’ll need to decide what areas you want to improve. You can choose as many options as you like.

Once you’ve made your selections you’ll be directed to the next stage which is where the fun begins. You’ll need to start your training. There are games set up which you must complete before moving on to the next stage. It’s an immersive experience which is fun and light-hearted. Meaning anyone can have a go, whether you’re musically trained or not. Being a free platform too, it could inspire many younger people.

Various stages

SoundGym training example

The GIF above shows the first test that was chosen for us. We decided we’d try the frequency test. As you can see it’s set up like a game. You have a number of lives, and you must decide where the frequency appears. This is just one stage out of five. To move on, you must complete this challenge first. However, there is no minimum score to continue. You simply need to just give it a go!

As you go through the process you’ll be given various tasks to complete. These are to expand your audio quality. Each task is set around a different area you’ve previously selected. They’re all designed as fun, quick games that only involve you clicking the right buttons or answers. All games are easy to pick up, which makes them perfect for everyone. The idea is with each game you play, you expand your audio knowledge.

SoundGym training example

As you move forward you’ll be given new objectives to work towards. While you don’t have to achieve certain things to progress, you will be given new goals to aim for. This way, you’ll see progress over time. You will learn and expand your skill set. SoundGym will present you with awards, learning points and a ranking as you continue to improve. You can connect with others, and even compete to earn more points.

You’ll see a section called Spaces. Either join various rooms, or create your own. These act as communities which you can become a part of. Compete with those you meet in there, or perhaps bounce off each other. Share your tips as they share theirs. It’s a fantastic way to connect with like-minded people which could push your journey along. Post your own content into a group, or interact with others work.

SoundGym Pro

While SoundGym offer a free version of their platform, they also offer a Pro account. This of course comes at a cost but could be beneficial for those who have exhausted the free resources, or simply need more. With Pro, you have unlimited access to 20 sound games. This means you can practise over and over again without running out of things to do. If you’re serious about sound production, this might help you.

You’re also able to complete more workouts per day, as well as focused training. The focused training element targets specific skills you want to improve. Essentially tailoring the experience more to you and your needs, rather than keeping things generic with the overall categories. You will be able to track your progress and keep checking scores. Even comparing those scores with others on the platform.


Pricing plan

Also, you will have premium sounds which people with the free account cannot access. It isn’t something you need, but if you’re enjoying the free version and want to expand, it might be worth considering. SoundGym Pro costs $24.95 per month. This is if you decide to pay monthly. You also have the choice to pay annually which will bring the cost down overall. Per year, it costs $109 which therefore works out as $9.10 per month.

They offer this discount if you decide to pay the full year up front. However, many can’t do this which seems unfair since they then have to pay out a lot more each month. If you are able to pay a lifetime fee however, you’re really in for a treat because that’s just $316. Yes, still a big chunk of money but in the long run you’ll be saving yourself so much money. However, this would mean you’d need to use it for a few years to make it worthwhile.

Give it a go for yourself to see how it works for you. There’s no pressure to upgrade your account. Even if you’re not looking to become a music producer or engineer, it’s good fun to have a go and try it out. All musicians could benefit from audio training. After all, it will in the long run help you create sounds of a higher quality. This will only improve your tracks and could be the thing you’re missing.

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