New Year’s resolutions every small business should adopt

2024 is almost here. When it arrives, are you prepared with your plans, hopes and dreams? If not, it isn’t too late to get something written down. Start thinking about what you want to achieve, and how you can do this.

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We feel resolutions are an important thing for any small business. It isn’t simply a way of fitting in with the trends and writing something down you have no intention of sticking to. It doesn’t even have to be about changing things you already do. Perhaps you instead want to continue with something you are already achieving.

This is the beauty of resolutions, you’re in charge. You are the one setting them, because it’s something you want to achieve. Your goals aren’t the same as everyone else, which is why your resolutions shouldn’t be carbon copies, either. It’s your small business, and therefore, it should be your decision on what you aim for.

Here are some ideas of New Year resolutions for a small business:

Introduce a sustainability initiative

Try to focus on the impact your small business might have on the environment. Reducing your carbon footprint is something all businesses should be focusing on, no matter the size of them. Perhaps make steps to reduce energy consumption, invest in recycling, and use eco-friendly packaging. It could even help your business appeal to more consumers.

Develop your marketing strategy

This isn’t suggesting your marketing isn’t working as it is. However, we could all likely do more. Perhaps sit down and think about where you’re missing within the market. Identify target demographics, increase your brand identity, utilise free tools, such as and conduct market research. Drive your small business to new places.

Update your technology to improve efficiency

It’s up to you how far you want to go with this. However, the better quality your tech, the more up to speed it will be, which will improve turnaround time. Perhaps consider upgrading anything that is starting to lag. Invest in new hardware, software solutions and all necessary tools. This could start 2024 off smoothly.

Add a customer loyalty program

If you want to increase customer loyalty, then start to reward it. Give people the incentives to come back to you time and time again. Offer perks, discounts or personalised experiences. Make it known that you do value each and every customer. Ask for feedback and take it on board. Customer loyalty is very important to the success of a small business.

Increase your online presence

A small business needs to be online. If you’re not, then you’re letting yourself down. Ensure your website is optimised and suitable for both mobile and desktop users. Make sure you’re on social media, and not just now and then. You need to be regularly posting. Otherwise, how will anyone learn who you are?

Network, creating collaborations or partnerships

Work with other local businesses to cross promote products and services. You’ll be expanding both of your audiences and could secure more custom moving forward. It’s nice to support other small businesses, because it provides you with a community. You never know when you’re going to need advice or support.

These are just six different ideas ahead of 2024. When it comes to making a resolution, as mentioned, it’s personal. Consider what your small business wants to achieve by this time next year. Will it be expansion and growth? Or, will you work on defining yourself within the market to start with? It all depends on where you’re at and where you want to go. sign up for free GIF
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