PUSH 101: Why is LinkedIn important for your small business?

Growing your business or brand is what every owner wants. When it’s in its early stages it’s difficult to find your route. How do you go about growing from the beginning? Also, how do you compete with others doing a similar thing? LinkedIn is paramount for business owners because it’s where all of them are. If you’re not on LinkedIn, you need to sign up ASAP.

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What is LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a social platform for businesses and those in a professional position. Anyone can join, however, typically it’s for those either within a career or looking for one. It could be for anyone from a graduate, to someone who has been in the same career for years and is looking for a change. Even if you’re happy within your job, having LinkedIn is always worthwhile because you never know when another company with a similar role could come along and offer you a higher salary. Businesses connect with each other via LinkedIn, and it is a very professional social space. It has the potential to connect any brands and businesses.

Why is LinkedIn important for you as a small business?

LinkedIn has the opportunity to unite businesses with others in a similar industry. It can help improve your exposure and your chances of a collaboration with another company. You’ll find potential leads and new customers. You might also find people willing to invest and help your small business grow into something more. Perhaps you can gain different ideas through LinkedIn and eventually when you’re looking to expand, you can use the site to find employees.

You’ve got to be in it to win it they say, and it comes down to social platforms too. There’s nothing stopping you interacting with businesses and bands through LinkedIn. You could even reach out to their senior team members. It might not gain you anything, however it could also give you the boost you need. LinkedIn is full of businesses and companies big and small who post regularly to update their followers. This is why it’s such a useful place to learn from others.

Top tips for businesses on LinkedIn

We’ve put together some tips when it comes to LinkedIn. There is no reason you can’t be seen as a small business. You have just as much chance as anyone else in your position, and if you do things correctly, you could even become one of the big businesses within the platform. This isn’t going to happen overnight which is important to remember. Don’t allow yourself to get too caught up in growing quickly. It’s more important you get it right.

Start sooner rather than later

You’ll need to set up a personal LinkedIn page first. It works in the same way as Facebook business pages. Once you’ve created your own account, you can start up your business page from there. Check out LinkedIn for information on how to do this. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll be able to gain from it. You’ll start learning and interacting with businesses as soon as you allow yourself to. So, get started.

Make sure your profile is complete. Include your companies URL and everything there is to know about your business. Keep your industry information and located updated so that anyone who comes to your page knows exactly who you are and what you do. You need to be as descriptive as possible. Your home section acts as a space to show who you are. This is where you need to shine and show people why to choose you over competitors.

Remember SEO

If you want to rank anywhere, you’ll need to lean about SEO. This goes for every aspect of the internet. When it comes to Google searches, you will only be noticed at a higher position if your SEO is strong. Ensure you’re using user-friendly words and your keywords are strong throughout everything you discuss. Keep things concise and to the point. Although you want to describe yourself, you need to make sure you aren’t talking for the sake of it. It would be worth looking into SEO anyway if you’re going to become a business.

Post regularly but not too often

It’s important to keep on top of things. You don’t want to be non-existent on the platform. However, you also don’t want to come across as too pushy. Post content to your LinkedIn account to let people know updates, and also how your business is going. They’ll want to see if things are growing and what new ideas and incentives you have. It’s crucial that you don’t start your page up and let it flop because you’ll never capture the right peoples attention that way.

Equally, posting every hour is too much. It doesn’t matter what business it is, posting that often will put people off. Also, it’s unlikely as a small business that you’ll have enough to say in multiple posts. So, you end up repeating yourself and people will get fed up with seeing your business name pop up. When they say no publicity is bad publicity, don’t listen. Believe us, posting too frequently won’t end well.

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