Instagram’s new generative AI powered background editing tool

US Instagram users will now be able to edit their image background within Stories. This is because of a new generative AI powered tool. With a simple tap, your photo could be transformed.

Instagram's new generative AI powered background editing tool. GIF showing the background editing option.
Credit: Instagram

Instagram, have recently released a new feature, which is only available for US users at the moment. This new tool is a generative AI powered background editor. It’s said that this feature will allow users to change the background of their images.

This will be through the use of Stories. Users will be able to click a button and have prompts given to them, suggesting various background ideas. Meta’s lead for generative AI, Ahmad Al-Dahle shared this through the Meta platform, Threads.

Users simply need to click on the background editor icon when on an image. This will then provide them with prompts such as “On a red carpet” or “Being chased by dinosaurs”. Instagram’s users can either choose one of these options, or write their own.

If you don’t see a background you want suggested, you can input your own prompt and Instagram will create a background for you. Once a user has posted a Story with this feature, their followers will see a Try it sticker suggesting they also give it a go.

This will encourage more users to try the feature, and, let many know about it that didn’t previously. We’re unsure when this feature will be rolled out to other countries. At this stage, it appears the tool is in Beta mode, and therefore will need testing.

Once it has been reviewed and Meta can see how well it’s working for their US users, we’re sure other regions will start to see it appearing. The feature will offer some good fun for many users, it’s something not yet offered on rival social platforms. sign up for free GIF
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