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The huge Broadway favourite Mean Girls the musical is finally making its way to the UK. Fans of the iconic film released in 2004 can hardly contain their excitement. See how we’d market the event below.

The well-known and much loved film Mean Girls was turned into a theatre production quite some time ago. Following the likes of Legally Blonde and other chick flick style films that made it to Broadway. The musical has taken the world by storm thanks to its catchy one-lines and brilliant songs. However, until now, it has only be state side.

In the summer of 2024, UK theatre fans will be able to sit back and watch the production in London at the Savoy Theatre. Naturally, many are very excited by this. To celebrate, we’ve put together a Mean Girls Event Link which helpfully combines the ticket sales URL, with everything you need to know ahead of the show.

Mean Girls the musical UK tickets

To make it easy for musical lovers to find tickets to the event, we’ve added a direct link through our Event Link. There’s a call-to-action button which says tickets and will take you straight to the page you need to purchase them. This saves so much time. Instead of being directed to the website, and then bounced elsewhere, you have it in front of you.

There’s no need to look for the content yourself. Making it completely hassle-free. This could increase sales for many individuals because people like processes being made convenient. If you have an event to promote, consider making an Event Link that contains direct links to everything someone could possibly need.

The branding

Another way, we’ve made the Event Link unique to Mean Girls is by sticking in line with the branding. We’ve included the official musical promotional banner in the landing page. It’s been used as the Feature Image, so people would know when clicking on it that it’s official rather than something fake.

Again, for the Background Image, we have used an iconic Mean Girls style image. This is more subtle so it doesn’t take away from the link and everything contained within it. However, anyone who knows the film will recognise this as part of the iconic burn book. Keeping both your Feature Image and Background Image recognisable will help massively.

Custom icons

If you look at the call-to-action buttons within the Event Link, you’ll notice they aren’t your typical logos to the side of them. This is because we’ve added our own custom ones. We’ve taken the logo of the ticket sales company and added this to the link where you can purchase tickets. This should help reinforce the ease of finding the correct URL.

As well as this, we’ve added the Mean Girls logo to the website link. This is so people can again see they’re in the right place and to keep branding fluid. By clicking the button next to the Mean Girls logo, people will be directed to the official website. Having your own custom icons is included within the free subscription, and it just adds that bit extra.

With the new theatre production on its way to the UK, it’s best to be prepared with promotional features. Just like in our example, you could adapt our free tools to suit your needs. If you’re putting on a performance, or have an event to host, creating yourself a personalised link might be the best idea. Try it for yourself. sign up for free GIF
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