Holiday traditions to try for musicians

The best way to spread festive cheer, is singing loud, for all to hear. Wise words were said by Buddy the elf. However, being a musician often brings stress around the holidays. From running to concerts where you’re required to sing, to releasing your new track. What traditions can you introduce for you?

Holiday traditions to try for musicians. A music artist singing and playing the guitar on stage next to a Christmas tree.
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The holiday season is a time to come together, celebrate, and create lasting memories. For musicians, it is also an opportunity to infuse their love for music into the festivities. Whether you’re a professional musician or simply enjoy playing an instrument, here are some holiday traditions to try that will add a musical touch to your celebrations.

Singing carols around the fire

One of the most beloved holiday traditions is gathering around the fire and singing carols. As a musician, you can take this tradition to the next level by accompanying the singing with your instrument. Whether it’s playing the guitar, piano, or even a ukulele, adding musical accompaniment will bring a unique element to the experience.

Hosting a musical pot luck

Food and music have always been a perfect combination. Instead of hosting a traditional pot luck, why not plan a musical pot luck? Invite your musician friends and ask them to bring their instruments along with their favourite holiday dish. Each person can take turns performing a holiday song or a musical piece while others enjoy the food.

Creating a musical advent calendar

Advent calendars are a fun way to count down the days until Christmas. As a musician, you can put a creative twist on this tradition by creating a musical advent calendar. Each day leading up to Christmas, you can choose a holiday song or a piece of music that holds a special meaning to you. Share your selection with friends and family by performing it.

The holiday season is a time for joy, love, and creating meaningful memories. For musicians, it’s an opportunity to incorporate their passion for music into the festivities. Singing carols around the fire, hosting a musical pot luck, and creating a musical advent calendar are just a few traditions that can add a special touch to your holiday celebrations. sign up for free GIF
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