4 new Christmas songs to add to your playlist in 2023

It’s the festive season which means eating good food, spending time with your loved ones and often singing along to your favourite Christmas tracks. We’ve brought you 4 new songs to add to the festive throwbacks.

5 new Christmas songs to add to your playlist in 2023. Letter board with "O come let us adore him" written out on it. Surrounded by vines and a star.
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Each year the same Christmas songs are played on repeat, and while we’re completely here for that (they’re classics) we also like hearing the new music that artists spend all year working on. Hundreds of Christmas tracks are released every year. When December appears, the music market is saturated with new talent sharing their songs.

However, it isn’t often shared by others. During the festive period, we normally all reach for what we know. Unless you’re a complete Scrooge, but if you’re reading this article, you’re probably not… While these songs won’t grow old, it’s also time to try something new. We’ve found the 4 newest Christmas songs according to Spotify.

📌 Please note: This is as of the 13th December 2023.

1. santa doesn’t know you like i do – Sabrina Carpenter

Well known for being an actress, and playing important characters on Disney Channel. Sabrina Carpenter has also starred in many other big named TV shows and films. Along with this, she had her first break, joining Alan Walker on his song On My Way. She’s recently released an entire Christmas album called fruitcake, one popular song being the above.

What’s interesting about Sabrina is, she almost has an Arianna Grande, or Selena Gomez (in her early days) vibe to her songs. Could this be the Disney Channel coming through? After all, they’ve all starred in something on the platform. Her song could be quite catchy, so we’d recommend giving it a listen if you haven’t already heard it.

2. Christmas Isn’t Christmas – Bon Jovi

Bon Jovi, an extremely popular rock band dating back to 1983 have released a new Christmas track titled Christmas Isn’t Christmas. It definitely has a festive vibe like other classics, and we could see this becoming a song that’s played at Christmas every year. The band were actually named after the lead singer, Jon Bon Jovi.

It’s a different vibe from the previous option, but neither are too heavy, which is good because the last thing you really want for Christmas is a really overwhelming sound blasting through the speakers. Having lyrics and a melody you can easily pick up will give the song more chance of being remembered by those who listen.

3. What Christmas Means To Me (with Stevie Wonder) – Cher, Stevie Wonder

A remake of an old classic. The well known song by Stevie Wonder first came onto the scene in 1967 and since then has been played again and again each year. It’s a popular one, arguably known by everyone. Well known singer Cher has performed a cover. Joining her is Stevie Wonder himself. So, the song feels extremely familiar.

It has the original singer diving into the original song. There’s just more to love now. Stevie Wonder is known for reshaping the 70s with his popular songs. Cher came about even earlier, with some of her most popular years being the 60s onwards. Two classics combining. We recommend listening to this one if you haven’t heard it yet.

4. DJ Play A Christmas Song – Cher

Another big one from Cher, she’s back and better than ever. Seriously, give this lady some huge credit. She has been filling our lives with music since the 60s, that’s an incredibly long career for any singer. However, she doesn’t seem to lose it, her talent has stayed with her throughout time. Within this time, she has tried other avenues.

She’s done some acting, and been heavily involved with television. Cher has been crowned the Queen of Pop music. The song DJ Play A Christmas Song is different to her other songs. Although she’s always had an upbeat style to her, this isn’t the same as other tracks. This has more of a futuristic feel to it. But, it’s very catchy!

These are just 4 different songs to listen to this December. Who knows, you might find a new festive favourite to add to your playlists. We still encourage listening to the classics as well because they’re what Christmas is all about. Have you released any new festive songs? If so, share them over on our socials. We’d love to listen to them!

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