Spotify’s new Campaign Kit – the perfect tool for music artists

Spotify are always working on new ways to improve their artist experience. For some time now, they’ve been building their collection of artist tools. Now, they’re releasing a Campaign Kit to combine them.

Spotify's new Campaign Kit - the perfect tool for music artists.

Spotify are working on a place to combine all of their artist marketing tools. It will act as an umbrella of their marketing needs within Spotify for Artists. This bank will be called Campaign Kit, and comes after the platform have worked hard to build various marketing features.

Previously we’ve seen playlist submissions, Marquee, Showcase and the Discovery Mode. All of these features were designed with artists in mind to make their experience much easier. The new Campaign Kit has been created to bring artists and their teams together.

The tools have been designed to be used by artists and their teams, both individually and together. There are a few case studies already using the feature; Magic City Hippies and Goth Babe have both used a mix of Marquee and Discovery Mode.

Playlisting has been available across the globe, however, Marquee, Showcase and Discovery Mode aren’t available everywhere at the moment. They soon will be. Meaning artists everywhere can access them.

Spotify have said they plan to use Campaign Kit’s website as an educational platform. Offering materials and how to guides on using their tools. They’re even providing a Campaign Kit Masterclass on the 24th January 2024. sign up for free GIF
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