How to pitch your music to Spotify’s playlist curators

We talk about it often. If you want to be in with a better chance of your music performing well, you need to get yourself onto Spotify’s editorial playlists. These are then pitched to Spotify listeners, and you could find your music being heard by a whole new audience.

Spotify has a specific way you can request for your music to be placed on playlists. It’s a much better system than other stores. Many stores don’t offer a way for you to pitch easily. It’s more a case of just being discovered. However, Spotify has created a way for artists to send their music across to be reviewed. If the streaming store think your music will fit then it will be approved and placed into the relevant playlist(s). This is a fantastic way of securing more listeners because Spotify are actively sharing your music.

Pitch your music to Spotify’s playlist editors

📌 For Admins and Editors

Spotify for Artists allows you to pitch your releases to their playlist team. Any upcoming or unreleased song can be pitched to their editors who will review each track and decided if and where it would fit within their playlist choices. If your music is selected, Spotify will also add your song to your follower’s Release Radars.

📌 To pitch your music, please follow the advice below which was taken from Spotify themselves:

  1. Log in to Spotify for Artists.
  2. Find unreleased music to pitch:
  • At the top of Home, select PITCH FROM NEXT RELEASE.
  • On web, you can also pitch from the Music tab under UPCOMING.
  1. Choose a song and fill out the info. The more info we get, the better chance it has.

There are some important points you need to be aware of before you start pitching. To avoid disappointment we’d recommend carefully reading them as otherwise, you and your music might miss out. Having your music on a Spotify playlist could boost your listening audience massively. For future releases you then already have new listeners. Spotify have made the process as easy and fair as possible. If your music doesn’t get selected, perhaps try and prepare even earlier before any future releases.

📌 Taken from Spotify’s website, here are some things to note:

  • Get your music in early so our editors have time to listen
  • See the status Available Soon? We’re still processing your release (it can take a few days until it’s ready to pitch)
  • You can’t pitch compilations
  • You can’t pitch if you’re a featured artist on the song
  • Our editors might pick a different song from your release on their playlist
  • Anyone with Admin or Editor access can see and edit the pitch
  • You can edit your pitch up to release day, but there’s no guarantee our editors will see the changes

How will you know if Spotify’s editors choose your music?

If your music is selected for one of Spotify’s editorial playlists, you will be contacted. The streaming platform will email you. Perhaps if you’ve submitted a request, and you’re waiting to hear back, keep checking your inbox and your spam in case any emails have ended up in there. Be sure to check your playlists tab within Spotify for Artists as it will also be featured on there. When your music goes live, you’ll see the statistics gained from your release being in a playlist, along with your normal data too.

It’s important to be aware, pitching your music doesn’t mean you’ll have a spot on a playlist. In an ideal world, they’d select every artist. However, unfortunately with the amount of songs released daily, this just isn’t possible. It could be they just don’t have a spot for you right now. Perhaps your content doesn’t quite fit into any of their playlists. However, this doesn’t mean it never will. If they add more further down the line, it could be reviewed. If you stay on Spotify’s editors radar, you’re more likely to be rediscovered. To do this though, you need to continue to build your fanbase and engage with your listeners.

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