3 content ideas for YouTubers this Christmas

Creating Christmas themed content can be fun and rewarding. After a hard year, what better way to get ready for the holidays than spreading some festive spirit? It can be hard to think of engaging content ideas, so we’re here to help with that.

3 content ideas for YouTubers this Christmas. Photo of a Christmas tree up close.
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1. DIY Christmas decorations tutorial

Create a video tutorial showcasing do-it-yourself Christmas decorations. This could include making ornaments, wreaths, or even a homemade Christmas tree. Walk your audience through the steps. Provide tips, and share creative ideas for personalised and budget-friendly decorations. You can make it as simple, or complicated, as you like.

Make it interactive by encouraging viewers to share their creations in the comments or on social media using a specific hashtag. It’s a great way of possibly reaching wider audiences as people search to find decorating making videos around the holidays. You can create multiple videos from this one category, it has endless options.

2. Holiday recipe cooking show

Film a special holiday edition of your cooking or baking show, featuring festive recipes. It could be anything from classic Christmas cookies and gingerbread houses to unique holiday-themed dishes. Share your favourite recipes, cooking tips, and perhaps involve your audience by asking them to submit their own holiday recipes or variations.

You can make it even more entertaining by turning it into a friendly competition or taste-testing session with friends or family. This could be a way of involving other YouTubers too. You might decide to collaborate with other creators and turn the festive cooking show into something much bigger and better.

3. Christmas Q&A or story time

Connect with your audience on a personal level by filming a Christmas-themed Q&A or sharing holiday-related stories. Answer questions about your favourite Christmas traditions, childhood memories, or even funny holiday mishaps. Alternatively, share heart-warming or funny anecdotes related to Christmas.

Encourage your viewers to leave their own holiday-related questions in the comments for a chance to be featured in future videos. You can request questions from all social media platforms too, so you’re able to promote your YouTube channel across various accounts. This could bring your Instagram followers over to your channel, along with others.

Remember to infuse your unique style and personality into these ideas to make the content resonate with your audience. Additionally, optimising your videos for holiday-related keywords and trends can help attract a wider audience during the festive season. Whatever you decide to do, make sure you’re full of festive cheer.

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