75,000 music artists can sell out tours through TikTok’s new ticket selling feature

Over 20 countries will now see ticket sales directly through the TikTok app. Music artists will find it much easier to sell their concert tickets, especially now this feature has opened to over 75,000 artists.

75,000 music artists can sell out tours through TikTok's new ticket selling feature. Three smartphones lined up, all have a different view of the ticket system on TikTok.

Over a year ago, in August 2022, TikTok partnered with Ticketmaster. This partnership saw TikTok users able to buy concert tickets through the app. However, it was only available to US users at the time because it was in beta and needed further testing.

Now, the video platform is happy with the trial and have confirmed this will be officially launched. More than 20 new markets will be able to access the ticket sales option, and it will benefit over 75,000 music artists across the globe.

The following regions will be able to use the feature; UK, Ireland, Australia, Germany, France, Canada, Mexico, Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, Italy, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Switzerland, Spain and Sweden.

How to add a Ticketmaster link to your TikTok video

To enable ticket sales to be purchased through your TikTok profile, you will need to be a certified artist on the app. Once you are, you will see Ticketmaster as an option under the ‘Add link‘ section when posting a video.

The artist will be able to search for their event through Ticketmaster and then click ‘Add to video‘. After their video has been shared, TikTok users will see a ‘Get Tickets‘ button within the description of the video. Clicking on it will take them straight to the concert link.

Their purchase will take place on Ticketmaster, but they won’t be forced to follow multiple web browser pages. Instead, they’ll complete the purchase still within the TikTok app. After the purchase has been made, they’ll simply return to their TikTok account.

TikTok feature not just for music artists

Throughout the partnership between the ticket sales site, and the video platform, there have been campaigns for a variety of events. Everything from emerging artists, to comedians and sports teams events. It will continue to grow.

Niall Horan, The Kooks, Burna Boy and Shania Twain are just a few well known music artists that have added their tour tickets to their TikTok videos. Since the feature launched in beta, there have been more than 2.5 billion views on the relevant videos.

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