Shazam Concerts – a new feature allowing music fans to discover concerts in their area

Shazam have recently announced a brand-new feature being added to their platform. Music fans will be able to access a new section called Concerts where they can see who is performing in their area. Allowing them to purchase tickets to these events.

Shazam Concerts - a new feature allowing music fans to discover concerts in their area. Picture of Concerts feature on Shazam.

Shazam have announced a new element to their app. Users will now see a Concerts section within the My Music part of the platform. This provides event recommendations which are different from each person. You will receive suggestions depending on your music listening habits. Meaning, no two persons suggestions will be the same.

If you have a specific genre you play most often, you will be suggested concerts which fall into this category. You’ll likely have artists suggested to you which you have never heard of before. This is a great way for artists to gain exposure and music fans to discover new favourites. Shazam have also added a reminder option.

You can have reminders about upcoming shows before the tickets release, so you don’t miss out. Along with this you can save events, so you can continue to monitor them in advance. When purchasing tickets you can even access added extras like Apple Watch faces and wallpapers, as well as tour photos and set lists. These are all Shazam exclusives.

Currently, Shazam’s Concert feature is only available on iOS. However, soon enough Android users will too be able to access it. From an app that’s sole purpose was to detect songs from just hearing them to now a place to discover new artists in person. Shazam has continued to evolve, and this new feature is just one way it’s doing so.

Independent music artists will largely benefit from this new adaptation. They’re able to use the platform to get their name onto the radar and potentially sell out their shows. The music scene is absolutely heading in the right direction having artists best interests at heart. Hopefully this new feature from Shazam will bring more fans to their door. sign up for free GIF
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