Why your TikTok stitch might be unsuccessful

TikTok stitches are a well known feature, for quite some time they were extremely popular. However, if you don’t use them correctly, they’re absolutely pointless. We learned the hard way, so we’ve put this guide together to prevent you doing the same.

We’re showing you the video above because the original stitch is far too embarrassing to share. Not because we don’t stand by what we’re saying, but because it flopped so hard. We may as well have deleted it, but instead, we used it for research. Looking into why it wasn’t successful and where we went wrong.

When scrolling through our FYP (For You Page) we saw a video of Snoop Dogg talking about music artists and how they’re under paid. The point of the video was him asking why they don’t earn 100% of their royalties and stating the way the money is split by streaming stores is confusing. So, we thought we’d add onto this video.

Within our video we expressed how we agree. Music artists are unfairly paid and do deserve more. However, we also included a break-down of how they’re paid. We wanted to explain how the money is divided, who gets what and where the rest of the money goes. By creating this, we thought it might clear things up for any artists who don’t understand.

Our video wasn’t successful at all. It had 9 views. Typically, our videos receive anywhere between 200 views to 5,000. Having such few people view our video was confusing. Why has our video performed so badly? Did it not appear on anyone’s FYP? Clearly it didn’t, but why? We thought stitches were supposed to be popular.

Why has a TikTok stitch video flopped?

After our video performed so poorly, we thought we’d look into why. Was it us? Even if our video was useless and contained no important information, 9 views is extremely bad. The more we looked into it, the more we felt we knew why. The original TikTok we stitched from wasn’t performing well enough.

We’re not here passing the blame. It was our video that didn’t perform well. However, it was almost set up to fail, it didn’t really stand a chance. This comes down to the original video we chose. It didn’t have a lot of views and therefore wasn’t too popular itself. We stitched it because it was relatable and had a well known celebrity within it.

We’ve since learnt the video you stitch needs to be popular. You’re essentially piggybacking off the video content. If the creator has many followers and their video is performing really well, you’ll probably receive views. TikTok are also more likely to place your video on the FYP. Whereas, if the video you choose is just scraping by, your video will completely flop.

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