YouTube Music introduce custom AI-generated playlist artwork

Try saying that title three times… it’s quite the mouthful. But, it’s true, YouTube Music are introducing a new feature where you as listeners can design your own playlist artwork. Try matching the artwork to the mood of the songs, or just creating something unique to you.

YouTube Music introduce custom AI-generated playlist artwork
Credit: YouTube Music

YouTube Music have introduced a new way to make playlists more personal to each listener. When creating your own playlist, there’s always a sense of personality behind it. Whether that be a mood you’re feeling at the time of creation, or your favourite tracks. Either way, it’s a form of expression, so what better what to add to this than customised artwork.

Users of the platform will soon be able to add their own twist to their playlists. Using generative AI software, they can create an image and apply this to their playlist. Those who are based within the US and use YouTube Music will be able to see this feature first before it starts rolling out further across other markets.

To access this feature, you’ll need to head over to the default image of your playlist. Then, you can scroll through various themes; travel, nature, landscape, animals and more. Once you’ve selected a theme, you can choose a prompt. These prompts could be pop art, or alternative art etc. The prompt will determine how your theme appears.

YouTube Music introduce custom AI-generated playlist artwork. A medieval Gothic painting of a pug.
Credit: YouTube Music

You’ll see different options, once you find the created image you like you will be able to select this and move forward. As you can see from the image above there are quite a few suggestions which will be brought up by your prompts. Click save and there you have it, your very own unique artwork.

You can do this for each of your playlists on YouTube Music which will give a personal touch to everything you create. Allowing you also to easily tell your playlists apart without needing to click on them. They bring some personality which might bring an element of fun to the music app. Do you use YouTube Music? If so, is this a feature you’re excited for? sign up for free GIF
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