Generative AI platform, Typeface is valued at $1 billion

The former Chief Technology Officer of Adobe founded Typeface – a generative AI startup. The aim? To help companies create connections with their audience by empowering creative content.

Typeform about image

Typeface is an AI company with the aim to help businesses create connections with their audiences. They offer AI tools which can help people design and publish various designs of images, text and other media. Each piece is different from the last which means yours will be completely personalised.

Generative artificial intelligence (AI) is a type of system which is able to produce images, text and other forms of media through user prompts. The models learn patters, and structures which they input into training data and can then perform similar data again and again. This is a brief outline of how this type of AI works.

In 2022 Abhay Paranis who is the former CTO of Adobe founded Typeface. He had hopes to focus on enterprises and grow with the newly immersing generative AI. When it was first on the scene it quickly caught the attention of 500 customers. It also won over multiple investors who went on to plunge hundreds of millions of dollars.

Typeface has many investors

Now, Typeface have secured a $100 million deal with various partners; Lightspeed Venture Partners, Madrona, GV (Google Ventures), Menlo Ventures, and M12 (Microsoft’s Venture Fund). It leaves Typeface valued at $1 billion having raised $165 million so far. Paranis has said the platform itself consists of three key components.

Content creators and brands can upload their guidelines for their branding. This will be used for text and image creations. Then there’s also a feature called Blend which uses AI to personalise the content for businesses, it works on their voice and style. The third is Flow which designs templates and workflow ideas.


Typeface could be used in theory by anyone. Content creators could style their latest posts and share social media posts with their audience. Brands could promote their latest designs and mock-up future products before committing to the creation process. Having AI function for you allows you to free up your time for other things.

Brands can utilise a software that is so versatile. Rather than having to spend hours crafting ideas and designs, they can turn to AI to have these mocked up for them. It gives people creative freedom, especially those who might not have a creative background. However, with all other AI tools, is Typeface too late to the game, or does it stand out above others?

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