Pull off the ultimate prank by unleashing chaos with Desktop Goose

Have you ever wondered how you can create a risk free prank to mess with a colleague or friend? Well, with Desktop Goose you can do exactly that. Add an extremely annoying (self proclaimed) goose to their computer screen.

Have you ever wanted to annoy someone without having to put any effort into it? Well, if the answer is yes, we might have the goose you’re looking for. It’s such a simple concept, but works so well. Designer known as samperson has created a fun but annoying computer addition. A goose who simply causes chaos.

You’ll be able to see in the video above exactly how he works. To install simply head here. It doesn’t take long to set up, so you could install it while your colleague does the coffee run. Or perhaps add it onto your brothers computer when he leaves the room. The best bit is, they won’t know how to stop the goose from being, well, himself.

He does things like stealing your mouse cursor, which wouldn’t be an issue… if he gave it back. But, unfortunately, you can’t fight him for it. Once he’s stolen it, that’s it, the mouse belongs to him. He’ll tread muddy prints all over your screen and wander around like he owns the place. However, he will provide some entertainment.

You’ll see memes dragged onto your screen. Some are funnier than others. He’ll also add pop-ups from notepad, with little messages he wants to let you know. While he’s fun for a little while, the novelty soon wears off and he just becomes infuriating. So, he might just be the perfect addition to annoy someone who annoys you.

With it being a free download, what’s the worst that can happen right? Just hope he doesn’t ruin any friendships because it could happen. To get him to leave you alone, you’ll need to hit the ESC key a few times, but he won’t go willingly. You will need to evict him. Don’t tell your victim that though, see how long they can put up with Mr Goose as we like to call him.

P.s. PUSH cannot be held responsible for any loss of friendships, or contract terminations because of the annoying goose.

P.p.s. PUSH can confirm, he is extra annoying.

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