Spotify has over 100,000 video podcasts online

Since 2019 when podcasts first took to Spotify, they have grown by a huge amount. In 2020 the music platform introduced video podcasts. They now have over 100,000 available for their users.

Since Spotify started their podcasts in 2019 they have seen major interest. In 2020, they brought in video podcasts which have adapted the way people use the platform. It’s almost a hybrid between a YouTube video and an audio based podcast.

When Spotify introduced video podcasts they only made the feature available for a certain amount of creators. However, over time, they allowed more and more creators to start their own video podcast series.

In March this year (2023), Spotify announced to their podcasters that 70,000 video podcasts had been posted to the platform. However, since then, they’ve grown even more. They’re now sat at over 100,000 video podcasts on Spotify.

This growth came once the music platform had made the product available across almost every market worldwide. Brazil, the US, the UK, Mexico and Germany are the countries where video podcasts are most popular.

Other countries are on the incline though, with video podcasts rising to half of the podcast consumption in the Philippines. Spotify say “This growth since March demonstrates the way we’ve put creators and their needs first.”

This comes down to their willingness to adapt and ensure all size creators are able to access the same level of tools. Allowing people to grow and explore where their talents lie. Many creators believe that video podcasts have helped them expand.

“Video definitely helped our podcast,” said cohosts of the Girlish podcast. It allows creators to get the balance between your typical podcast and a full video. For viewers, it puts a face to the voice and gives more of a personality insight.

It seems like a win-win. Spotify are increasing views which helps them earn a higher revenue, and creatives get their work seen and heard easier while being able to earn money. It looks like the video uploads are only going to expand further too.

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