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The ultimate gig equipment checklist

The ultimate gig equipment checklist

When you’re an independent musician, all the gig planning falls on you. To make the process slightly easier we have put together a checklist so you have one less thing to think about. If there’s anything you think we’ve missed,…

Why have concert ticket prices risen so drastically?

Tickets to watch your favourite artists perform live have become more expensive than ever. But, why have the prices hiked up so much? Is it because of COVID? Or, is there only so long we can continue to blame the…

TikTok’s FYP now hosts event ticket sales from Ticketmaster

TikTok are working on a feature that will allow users to purchase event tickets directly from the app. Working with Ticketmaster, events can be discovered through the For You Page, or advertised within creators bios. TikTok’s parent company ByteDance have…

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