How to add another social profile to your TikTok account, and why you might want to

TikTok is a platform that continues to grow. Therefore, many creators within the platform are also experiencing rapid growth. However, there’s only so much TikTok can offer you, so why not connect your other accounts?

Growing your TikTok account often leads to growing your other social profiles. This is great for any content creators, brands or businesses. Having people follow you on one account, might lead to them following you elsewhere too. Follower loyalty is key to success. It essentially guarantees you followers on other platforms.

Placing your social media accounts within your bio makes it easier for your audience to find your social accounts. Rather than having to search your name elsewhere, they can just hit a button and be taken straight to your profile. This is especially great for those creatives who have different account names across each platform.

If you’re someone who doesn’t go by their real name and instead has online personas, you’ll need to give your followers a helping hand as to where they can find your content. Otherwise, they’ll be stabbing in the dark. This could mean you lose out on potential followers. At PUSH, we’d always recommend making a Bio Link for all platforms.

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A Bio Link contains all of your social media links. Your audience can click on the social platform of their choice and instantly be taken to your page. This allows them to easily find and follow you. It boosts your chances of gaining followers. With PUSH, you can create a Bio Link for free. This link can be completely customised to represent you. Add a description, change the store logos – whatever you like!

TikTok, like other platforms, only allow one link per bio. Therefore, by adding a Bio Link you’re getting around this. Your one link includes several within it. All housed under one URL. However, you can add a social account to your TikTok account. To do this, head to your TikTok profile. Then, click Edit profile. From here you’ll need to add your Instagram or YouTube account. It does limit your options as you can’t attach every social profile under your TikTok account.

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