3 social media trends to watch out for in 2023

As we near the end of 2023, we can look back on various social trends that have occurred throughout the year. Some of these will carry through to next year, as many were so versatile anyone could use them.

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There will always be trends coming and going. It’s part of the social media make up. However, some will last longer than others, and some will take over various platforms while others only challenge one. Staying on top of each trend can be tricky. Some may not fit your branding at all, for example for us, the dance trends of TikTok weren’t something we would join in with.

This doesn’t mean other similar brands can’t. But for us, we felt they didn’t add anything to our service. We want our TikToks to be relatable to us as a brand, and also our target audience. It’s important for us to find the balance between being relatable to creatives, and also informative. All brands will know what works and doesn’t for them.

If you are unsure, there’s nothing wrong with trying things out. Especially if you’re new to the scene. You have so much time to try, get things wrong and then try something else. You’ll find your place and where you fit in, and it won’t harm your views because you won’t yet have reached your peak. Some trends will likely be sticking around, perhaps try these first.

1. Organic content

Previously in 2022, it was a trend to switch things up and jump on every new idea. If someone performed a dance, you’d copy the dance. Likewise, if someone completed a challenge, you would too. It became a social trend in itself to be involved with everything possible. However, this doesn’t typically show authenticity.

Being organic is the new trend. Rather than copying something that’s been done before, or even copying parts and adding your own style, it’s now popular to be real. Finally, being yourself seems to be the way forward. The videos that are proving successful are the no frills conversational pieces about various niche topics.

2. UGC content creators

UGC stands for user generated content. We won’t break it down too much because we have a whole article about the concept if you want to go and read more. However, we will say essentially UGC is where users create content for brands off their own backs. The brands aren’t paying for it, nor are they asking for it. Users make it and sometimes brands will ask to share.

Unfortunately, not all brands have access to content that has been created by users. If you do however, we’d recommend using it. Content creators love to have their work featured, especially if they’re just starting out. It could give them their starting boost and also help your brand as it’s free content you can share to your socials.

3. The use of AI

We all know AI took over and is now the in thing. People are using AI for everything from decided what they should eat for breakfast to creating work schedules. There’s nothing it can’t do (within reason). However, have you considered using it within your social media content yet? If not, you need to give it a try.

ChatGPT is extremely good for coming up with video ideas. So, while you wouldn’t technically be using the AI within your work, you would be using it to determine your work. You could use AI tools to even create your video, or parts of it. A lot of creators have used AI for informative videos. Having an AI person discuss various topics to the camera.

These are just three methods that are working currently. We see these working as we move into 2024 too. They’re versatile and won’t become repetitive or boring. As AI continues to grow, we’ll see more of a need for it. Organic content will always be welcome, as will UGC because it brings brands and their customers together.

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