YouTube introduces new playback and creator features

YouTube have introduced a new set of features which will allow creators more opportunities. Drive interaction and likes and access stronger playback options.

YouTube introduces new playback and creator features, GIF showing new features.
Credit: YouTube

YouTube have introduced brand-new playback controls and creator focused features. The features included will create a better mobile-based playback option, as well as adding song search tools. This will make for a better user experience overall.

Alongside these options, there will also be a feature to highlight the like and subscribe options within a video. These will highlight whenever a creator says the words. Overall, pushing more and more viewers to like the video content.

YouTube’s new playback speed options

YouTube have also made the process of increasing playback speed much easier. They have made updates, so viewers can watch videos at a much quicker speed. By simply tapping and holding anywhere on the screen, users can increase the speed to 2x.

This is handy for anyone looking for a specific part of the video without knowing the exact timestamp. You can speed through the video and let go when you find the right part. It will then play at a normal speed.

As well as this, you can use the scrub bar (bar at the bottom of the video) and drag it through a video. YouTube will vibrate when you hit the time mark that you started at. Allowing you to rewind, and then drag your video back to where you originally were.

YouTube introduces new playback and creator features. GIF showing 2x playback.
Credit: YouTube

YouTube’s You tab

The company have also created a lock screen option. This will save you accidentally clicking off your video on your mobile or tablet. It will be especially handy for those with children as it will avoid accidental clicks. You can unlock the screen by tapping and holding the lock icon.

YouTube are also adding a You tab, which will combine the library with the account page. It will include all of your recently watched videos, playlists, downloads and purchases. You will also see your channel and account information here.

Like, and subscribe

Anyone who has watched a video on YouTube will know the clich√© line “don’t forget to like, and subscribe”. It’s a way of creator’s gaining more interaction with their video content. After all, likes equal more of a chance of your video being seen.

The more likes a video has, the more likely YouTube are to promote it to potential viewers. In turn, this will bring the creator more views. Views which can be turned into money. So saying the famous line is quite important.

YouTube are no stranger to the line, and know about its importance. So much so, that they have added a new feature. Each time the creator says the line, these buttons will be highlighted. The video will sync up as a visual cue.

YouTube introduces new playback and creator features. GIF showing the highlighted buttons.
Credit: YouTube

With all of these new updates, it’s clear that YouTube have made a push to make their platform more user-friendly. They’ve added several additions that will improve the experience for any user. Perhaps they’re aiming to keep up with their competition.

YouTube have had a lot of competition from both TikTok and Spotify across the years. However, with that being said, YouTube is still the only platform that easily accepts long-form video content. Their rivals concentrate on short-form or music streaming.

What are your thoughts? We feel these tools are a benefit for anyone using the platform. While they might not be ground-breaking, every little feature making a user’s experience easier is a positive in our books. sign up for free GIF

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