Easy ways to increase your music video views on YouTube

We all want our YouTube videos to reach their maximum potential. The best way to do this is by expanding your views. However, you don’t want to spam the system because you will get caught out, and your content will be pulled. So follow the advice in this video if you want to grow your music video views fairly.

The first point we touch upon is your intro. Now, that might be the place you want to put all of your information because in your mind it’s the first thing people see. However, within this video it is suggested that this method is a quick way to put people off. It is less likely to increase your views and instead reduce them. People want content that they can engage with and be drawn to. This means they’re not likely to stick around if it’s dry and full of information.

Short and sweet

So, save the wordy bits for further along in your video. That way your video brings people in first, and then they choose to stick around because of the content. Allow your music and your video to speak for itself. That’s how you’ll get people coming back and sharing it with their friends. They want to be impressed, not overloaded with facts. To keep people watching you’ll want to have a creative video that’s interesting or, you’ll want to have a story that can be told throughout the moving image. This is how you’ll keep people engaged and less likely to switch off.

Make sure you consider the direction your video will head in. Don’t just think about an action packed start. Instead, you need to think about the entire thing, from start to finish. How will you wrap it up? Where do you want the video to head? Consider this before you start. Ensure your ending is strong. Think about the length of your video too. The longer the video, the less likely people will be to stick around. Keep it shorter and pack more into it this way. Remember people aren’t there to watch a film, if they were, they’d have gone elsewhere. They want to watch a short video.

Watch this video through to get tips and tricks on making your music video the best it can be. A strong music video will bring in views. This will then bring in repeat viewers which will grow your channel. It’s important to grow organically rather than trying to play the system. Unfortunately the system will always win, and you’ll end up with your video being removed. Make sure you take note because this could really help boost your YouTube channel.

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