Amazon Prime creates a TikTok account thanks to Jason Derulo

It looks like Amazon Prime have followed in Facebook’s footsteps. Previously the social media giants admitted the future was in TikTok and set up their very own account. Now Amazon Prime have created an account. It’s with the hope they can reach out to Gen Z. In efforts to do so, they enlisted the help of TikTok star and well known artist Jason Derulo.

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Jeff Bezos is on TikTok

Jeff Bezos a name we all know really well, has finally given in and joined the world of TikTok. Not as himself, however. Instead, he has joined on behalf of Amazon Prime. Instead of creating an account on a whim, he has joined up with the creative agency Big Spaceship. It’s in an attempt to break through and get more of a Gen Z following for Amazon. Let’s face it, Gen Z are known for speaking their minds and “sticking it to the man”, right? There have been no end of concerns about Jeff Bezos’ motives. So, it could be hard for him to capture the Gen Z market. TikTok is certainly a smart way to go.

With TikTok soaring in popularity amongst younger generations, it really does seem to be an app for teenagers and young adults. This is where Bezos needs to target his market. They’re also known for being a generation for buying things on a whim and treating themselves. Whether this is just a stereotypical view or based upon some facts, it’s been said many times. If this is the case, Amazon giants need to target their sites to the online spenders. Hopefully by making a name for themselves within TikTok, they will be able to redirect their target audience, or, capture a new one.

Amazon want to streamline across social platforms

The new account has been created to “streamline the brand voice into one cohesive social feed” – TikTok will be the first platform Amazon tries to do this on. An Amazon spokesperson has said Instagram will be next later this year. Prime currently has 39,000 followers on TikTok. It’s bio states “Quick to deliver, slow to TikTok”, this type of bio is exactly what the younger generations will enjoy. Short and sweet and not taking themselves too seriously. By pointing out they’ve taken their time to join the TikTok hype, they were also able to highlight their selling point.

Their first video has proved to be popular really quickly. Within just an hour they gained 144 likes. The video features Jason Derulo who has been known to take over TikTok’s platform with multiple dance routines people later copy and remake into their own style. It’s a fun video, based around the idea of them missing out for all these years. Jason Derulo is showing them all the things they have missed in the time the high achieving app has been around. The artist who has had many big hits in the music world, became loved across TikTok for his creation of fun and interactive videos. You can check out Prime’s video below.


Oh hey TikTok. We’re new here. @Jason Derulo what did we miss? 👀

♬ original sound – prime

Prime hope to boost popularity

Currently, over 200 million people use Amazon Prime across the world. It’s a quick and easy service that can deliver almost anything you like within 24 hours. In some cases, you can receive your items on the same day. They’re available in 22 countries and adults are currently their main market. It seems they have tackled TikTok to try and appeal to more age groups. In the US alone there are over 157.4 million users. Creating themselves a TikTok account might mean they reach more people than ever. Those who know of their services, but have never before been interested, might decide they now want to try the service for themselves.

TikTok on the other hand has over 1 billion users. It’s been downloaded more than 200 million times in the US alone. The huge popularity is enough to drive any platform to their service. Knowing you could potentially reach that many more people. Why wouldn’t you? It’s likely TikTok will have an impact on Amazon Prime’s growth. However, it can’t yet be said whether these people will stick around. Gen Z might be known for being big spenders online, but, they’re also known for wanting to right wrongs. Climate change and fast fashion are just two of the problems Gen Z often highlight.

Maybe if they use influencers and TikTok stars in all their videos, they might continue to grow. It could go two ways. One being they get a huge influx of sign-ups, but, once the trial period is over, or, the novelty has worn off, they’ll lose quite a large number. The other being they will see a healthy growth. It will be interesting to see what video ideas they come up with next. They certainly have the upper hand by having the budget to hire the likes of Jason Derulo for their first video. Surely, they’ve started as they mean to go on, and they’ll continue down the relatable path. Only time will tell.

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