Facebook have set up their own TikTok account

Following on from Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg stating that the future of social media is in TikTok, Facebook have now created their very own account on the platform. Currently, they haven’t prepared any videos, but we’re interested to see what’s to come. Perhaps making their own TikTok account is their way of staying in the game.

Facebook have now upped their competitive levels and have created a TikTok account of their own. Currently, they have nothing posted. It will be interesting to see whether they aim to use it only for checking out their competition, or if they’re going to create videos of their own. They may use the account to create adverts or DM potential clients. It could even be a push towards working together on a new project. Despite having no videos, they are already verified with a whopping 23k followers. Imagine that, no videos yet thousands of followers.

Their bio says “We believe people can do more together, than alone.” This even had some people questioning if it was really them. The bio almost appears slightly cryptic. However, it has been confirmed that it really is them. Their bio leads to the Facebook app through the app store. However, it doesn’t in any way link to an official Facebook page.

They’ve confirmed to the company TechCrunch that the account is the official Facebook, but have refused to state how they intend to use it. They said “Brands leverage a variety of channels, including some of our social media platforms, to reach and engage with the people using their products and services every day.” Then they continued with “Our intent with establishing a brand presence and cultivating community on platforms like TikTok or others is no different.”

Is it possible Facebook (or should we be calling them Meta) have panicked due to their first ever decline within their daily active users. It almost seems the social media platform is slowly on the way out with less and less people using it. However, they aren’t going down without a fight. They still have a huge amount of popularity with their users. It just seems they’re standing still while other platforms are continuing to grow. They seem to have accepted TikTok holds the power right now, so perhaps they’re just rolling with it. If you can’t beat them, join them…

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