BeReal – an anti Instagram app that encourages users to be natural

A life without filters and editing software. Seems impossible, right? Not according to the app BeReal. The clue’s in the name, it’s all about being real and authentic. On this app there’s no room for blurring out imperfections.

BeReal logo image.

Instagram is all about selfies. Picture-perfect images that depict a beautiful lifestyle for everyone on the app. However, it has been in the firing line for some time now due to this. It’s often said that teenagers on the app are being encouraged to grow up too quickly, and they aren’t allowed to just be themselves. This is where BeReal comes in.

Launched in 2019, the BeReal app has recently shot to the top spot for social media platforms. With 29.5 million downloads, BeReal has grown more and more popular throughout 2022. It seems Gen Z are enjoying the platform the most. The idea behind it is that you are prompted each day to take a selfie and send it to your friends who are connected with you on the platform.

No chance to edit your images

These images should be taken in one shot and sent across without being able to edit them. It’s showing how you look in real time. Unlike Instagram, BeReal doesn’t allow users to spend hours editing out every imperfection before uploading an image. It means your friends will see the real you as you look at that current time. As a society we’ve all become used to editing our images. Some, even to the extent where the images no longer look like their true self.

It’s sad that we have mostly become so reliant on editing platforms to change how we look. Yes, these images may receive more attention, but they often are far from reality. Many even edit in backgrounds, to make it appear they’re somewhere they’re not. This gives a false reality and leads your followers to believe your lifestyle is very different to the norm. BeReal is a platform allowing you to let go from the need for perfection.

Be you, the real you. You aren’t required to add anyone to your account that you aren’t comfortable with. So, the only people seeing your raw images are those you trust. The people you enjoy being around. It’s unlikely they’ll get into the wrong hands if you’re careful with who you add. You can keep your flawless images on your more public accounts like Instagram if you wish, and keep BeReal for your besties, to have a bit of fun!

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