Beginner’s guide to UGC (User Generated Content)

User Generated Content, also known as UGC relates to content created by individuals rather than a marketing firm, business or professional creator.

What is UGC (User Generated Content)?

UGC is content created by an individual who has no contract with a company. They aren’t being paid to create images, videos and posts. There is no money exchanging hands. It’s simply a genuine recommendation of a brand or business because they like the products.

They’re not gaining anything from it, other than perhaps some followers if the company chooses to share their content. It’s organic and real. Companies are known for editing images and videos to make their products look perfect.

With UGC this isn’t the case. The content is raw. It’s usually a true representation of your products. Millions of UGC based images are created every single day. A lot of the creators hope the company will see and share the content, but this isn’t guaranteed.

Using UGC increases the likelihood of expanding your audience. People trust other people more than they trust a paid content creator. They have to claim to like the brand, they’re being paid. Whereas, genuine customers aren’t gaining from their reviews.

This type of content can be posted across any social platform. Instagram is a huge market for UGC. A lot of people enjoy sharing their daily outfits, and with this, they tend to tag the brands. This is a brilliant way for businesses to then share their clothes in real life situations.

What is the difference between UGC and content creators?

UGC creators are individuals who aren’t paid to take images or create videos. They’re normal people who just like the brand or products and are sharing their views. Often, they’ll use social media as a way to express themselves and their creativity.

Their photos aren’t typically planned, and while they might be staged, the brand has nothing to do with this. The brands themselves won’t know the customer has even photographed their product until they’re tagged in it. For UGC creators, it’s about building connections.

Content creators are normally tied to either one, or a small amount of businesses. If they’re being paid, they need to show loyalty to that brand. UGC creators can pick and choose. They’re not gaining from the content, so they don’t owe any brand loyalties.

Where do influencers fall?

Influencers come under the content creator blanket. This is because they’re getting paid to promote a brand or product. They might be paid by several different businesses, but they’re still profiting from talking about each brand they post.

If you see ad or paid promotion written in a post, it’s highly likely that person has made money from the company. Therefore, can you fully trust their opinion? They have to show loyalty because they’re being paid to do so. However, they can be loyal to multiple brands.

Just because they’re being paid by one company, doesn’t mean they can’t represent another. Unless of course, they have a contract stating so. You’ll likely find all influencers jump from promoting one brand to another, but this is all down to who has offered them a paid deal.

How to become a UGC creator

To become a UGC creator, you simply have to start shooting. If you have a dress you recently bought that you’re in love with – snap a quick picture of you in it and post it to your socials. Make sure you tag the company you bought it from though.

Without a tag, they won’t see your content, and there’s no way they’ll share it. The idea of a UGC creator isn’t always to be featured on a company’s page, but that is a goal the majority would dream of reaching. The more your content is shared, the larger your community grows.

Getting multiple posts shared by one company could even lead to you getting a paid deal, or free products. This is a win for any UGC creator because as mentioned, they aren’t posting their content for money, so anything is a bonus.

Simply start capturing pictures of products in day to day settings. If you can photograph or record yourself using a product, even better. However, if this isn’t your vibe, then place them into a normal setting and start capturing. Upload, tag and wait for the likes to roll in!

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