Instagram remove recent hashtag section – users aren’t happy

When searching a particular hashtag on Instagram users used to be able to view the most popular or the most recent. Allowing small creators a chance to shine. However, the platform has since made some changes.

Instagram hashtag search

Instagram hashtags used to work by displaying the most popular posts first. When searching a hashtag it would reveal all posts creators had uploaded including that tag within their description. The photos or videos which received the most likes and comments would then appear at the top, under the most popular section.

Following on from this, there would be a recent section. Within this section users would see all the most recently posted photos and videos using that particular hashtag. This allowed small creators to get their work seen because if they picked their tags wisely, the right person might see it when it was fresh.

Now however, on the app, the most recent option has gone. Users now can either see the most popular, or the most recently popular. It all comes down to popularity now. Which, doesn’t help small creators as how can they become the most popular if their content isn’t being showcased.

Before, providing you were selective with your timings when posting, your work would be at the top for a short while. This was especially helpful when using hashtags many have saved. These hashtags are therefore more likely to get many regular views. Meaning small creators have a frequent chance of their work being seen.

Users have taken to commenting across all of Adam Mosseri’s pictures asking why this change has been made. For those who don’t know, he is the CEO of Instagram. With every new feature he announces, he receives backlash asking why he changed the hashtag system. Will he take note and revert the platform back to how it previously was?

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