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We all know that hashtags are a pretty big deal. They can make or break your latest post on Instagram. The more hashtags, the more views, likes and shares, right? Unfortunately not. Sometimes less is more. It’s no good spamming all the hashtags you can think of, if none of them are being searched for.

Display Purposes website

🤷 What is Display Purposes?

A completely free website that generates popular hashtags for your Instagram account. You can add up to 30 hashtags per post on Instagram, but sometimes it can be difficult knowing what to add. There’s no point adding things that are completely irrelevant to your content, even if the hashtags seem popular. People search for hashtags specific to what they’re looking for. So, if you’re a dog account, posting hashtags about cats, it’s not really going to work is it?

Sometimes you may think of hashtags relating to your work, but unfortunately you still don’t get many visits to your profile. This might be because the hashtags you are including aren’t popular. Really overly specific things such as #ukjazzmusic probably won’t have much of a search desire. It isn’t because people don’t enjoy UK jazz, but it’s very specific, and therefore you’re relying on many other people across the platform, also thinking of that hashtag to search for it.

Display Purposes allows you to put in your Instagram account name and then add information on what your account is about. For example, going back to UK jazz music, you might add the following; jazz, music, musician, UK, artist. The more information you can add, the more detailed hashtags you will have as a response.

🤔 How can it help you?

You are able to see what you should be adding to your content to get the most out of it. The hashtags you currently use, might not be working for you. Display Purposes allows you to see exactly what is performing well within the categories you have chosen. Once you have added your account name you will be able to add different hashtags of your choice. It will then display related hashtags that are performing better within your selected categories.

Display Purposes hashtags

We’ve placed the Instagram account of PUSH.fm into the site and added some hashtags that relate to our work within the black box. Why not try your current hashtags within this section? You could add the hashtags that you would currently use when posting content and allow this website to help you out by suggesting alternatives that may work better. Sometimes, they won’t show up any results for something you have put in.

For example, #fanlinks doesn’t return any suggestions. This doesn’t mean we won’t ever use it, because if someone is searching for a Fan Link service then we want to show what we can offer. However, it does suggest to us that this isn’t something commonly searched for, and therefore we may need to rethink our choices.

Hashtag results from Display Purposes

Above are the results that appeared for both #applemusic and #musicstreaming. These are both two categories that are relevant to PUSH.fm and as you can see it has suggested some hashtags that are related to both of these that are currently performing well. The red bar at the top on the left of the word shows the relevance, so how closely related it is to the words you have searched for. The orange bar underneath shows the popularity which is something you’ll definitely want to look at.

🤸 Complete flexibility

You could use this website for any account, it doesn’t have to be music related. Hashtags can provide a huge boost to your followers. Many Instagram users will save their favourite hashtags or the ones that are most relevant to them. They will then search through these daily, so if you want your work to be seen by potential new followers then you need to be using the most relevant and popular hashtags.

Try it out for yourself and see if your content interaction changes. With it being a completely free service that you don’t have to sign up for, you’re not tied to anything. This is especially good for those just starting out within the industry as often you don’t want to spend to get ahead. There are many companies out there who will claim for a set fee they will give you all the best hashtag ideas for your content. While these may work, consider this website a try before you buy option. If you can get some extra help without having to spend anything, then why wouldn’t you?

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