5 top link-in-bio services for labels and artists

Typically, social media platforms will only allow you to add one link within your bio. This is where it can become difficult for labels and independent artists to display their work. Labels want to include as many of their clients as possible and artists shouldn’t have to miss out on maximising their listeners. Having all of your links in one place is the best way to ensure your content is heard.


PUSH is the new kid on the block. New kids are always exciting and full of new information, right? You just need to get to know them. They’ve partnered up with the music distribution company RouteNote to offer their users access to Fan Links, Content Unlocks and Pre-saves. This isn’t only available to RouteNote users, anyone and everyone is welcome. Their service is completely free, although they do offer a premium service for a small fee.


💰 Completely free service – you can create up to 30 Fan Links for absolutely no cost.
📈 In depth analytics – understand how your fans are interacting with your links.
🖇 Unique links – you can choose your own personalised URL.
📧 Dedicated support team – contact with any issues and receive a speedy response.
🖌 Design your own landing page – you can customise your landing page to match your artist, adding your own images and links.


💸 To access the unlimited service comes at a cost – £4.99 per month.
🖼 Background image will be based on your chosen main image – this cannot be customised.
🆕 It’s relatively new – not everyone knows about the service yet.


LinkFolio offers a link-in-bio service for influencers, musicians and brands. It is owned by FamePick who are an influence marketing agency. You can share your URLs all through one click. They offer a service called Collab Me, where you can easily collaborate with others and collect a payment directly through LinkFolio rather than having to seek it elsewhere. There is also the option to access various brands to pitch to them your ideas.


🔗 Unlimited URLs – you can add as many as you’d like.
🎨 Customisable interface – make it your own.
📊 Thorough analytics – view how many visitors you’re getting to your pages.
📱 Contact form – built in service allowing others to reach out to you.
💵 Free plan available.


🤑 Plans get pricey – after the Basic plan ($5/mo) they shoot up to a Business plan ($50/mo).
👑 Heavily tailored to influencers – less focus on musicians and other artists.
⛔ Limited customisation – you cannot customise your landing pages as much as with other services.


Soundplate is a record label that advertise themselves as non-traditional. They help artists by taking their music to several streaming platforms and offer contracts that aren’t long term. Meaning, they don’t want to encourage you into something you can’t get out of. Another feature they offer is Smart Links for your music. You can add your streaming links into one easy to find URL.


🎉 In house service – they can offer both a label service and also provide you with Smart Links.
💻 Generate a QR code – this enables your fans to find your links through scanning a code.
📈 Analyse your analytics – in depth updates about your page visits.
💶 Free service – they offer a package for no cost.


❌ Free service is very limited – you can only create 2 Fan Links or Pre-saves.
✉ Customer service is prioritised to those who pay for their plan.
💳 Paid plan starts at $20/mo – becomes costly.
🏷 Main focus is their label so Fan Links may not be a priority.


Linktree is a service which allows you to create customised pages that store all of your links in one place. These links can be used within all social media platforms. They keep things simple as this is their focus, they aren’t offering multiple products. They’re a really well known and respected bio link company.


🖥 Sleek interface – really easy to use system.
☀ Unlimited Smart Links – create as many links as you need.
➕ Add as many links as you want – include all streaming store links.
✔ Well established – a company everyone has heard of.


👎 Basic analytics – the free model only offers basic insights.
🖼 Customisation is limited – with the free version you cannot make it your own.
📱 Social media links can’t be added on the free version.


Linkfire are a service which offer Pre-saves, Content Unlocks and Smart Links. You can use them to create promotions for your upcoming release or to advertise a tour your band are going on. Your links can be customised to suit you. As an ever-growing company, they are constantly looking for new ways to enhance their service.


👯 Collaboration opportunities – easily collaborate and share your content.
🎸 Include tour dates – access to Bandsintown where you can list upcoming tours.
🏅 Fan rewards – add discount codes and hidden content for fans to unlock.


🙅‍♂️ Only Smart Links – you can’t access Pre-saves on their Starter plan.
📤 Support is prioritised – their Pro feature offers better support.
💸 No free service – they offer a free trial for 7 days, after this it is $10/mo for their Starter pack and $25/mo for their Pro.

The important thing when choosing a Smart Link service is deciding what it is you’re looking for. If you have a high budget, you might want to opt for a premium service that offers more to those who pay for it. However, if you’re just starting out, we’d recommend trying a free service that you can grow with. You can always start off on their free plan and then upgrade later on.

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