Spotify Blend – create personalised playlists for you and your friends

We know that there’s already features in place to collaborate on a shared playlist. You and your friends can add your favourite tracks into the same place. However, Spotify have released a new feature that will combine multiple music tastes to create a playlist personalised to both you and your friend.

Credit: via YouTube

Spotify have introduce Blend which takes into account both yours and your friend’s music taste. The playlist updates daily based upon what both of you have been listening to. It adds suggestions that you might both like into one playlist and with it constantly changing, you’ll always find new songs to listen to. It also shows you how your music tastes match up which is a really interesting feature. You can see how similar your genre choices are as it will give you a percentage match based upon your song choices.

It makes a change from previous playlist collaborations because this time it requires a lot less work from you. Neither you nor your friend have to sit down and think of every song you want to share with each other. Instead, Spotify will do the work. All you have to do is blend a playlist together and then get streaming. Listen to all of your favourite tracks and see what Spotify think you should play next!

It’s such an interesting way of hearing new songs with your friends and family. You might even use this to blend a playlist with an artist you want to collaborate with. There’s so many possibilities with this new feature. We’ve certainly come a long way from fighting over which vinyl or CD to play next.

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