How to download a creator’s Reels on Instagram

Instagram have added a download option which allows any user to save a Reel from any public account. TikTok have had this option for a long time, however.

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A feature that has been available for some time on TikTok is now coming to Instagram. Users will now be able to download any Reel from any public account. It’s important to note, any private accounts will not have this feature turned on, nor will they be able to turn it on.

Public accounts can however opt out if they’d rather their Reels weren’t available for download. Over on TikTok where this feature has been around for a while, users will often save and share content from their favourite creators.

However, up until now, users of Instagram could only share a video they liked. They weren’t able to download it and upload it elsewhere. There’s pros and cons to being able to access other’s work. It could get more coverage.

But equally if it’s been downloaded, where do the original owner’s rights come in? Can it be saved and used commercially? Will the original owner know it’s been downloaded? Perhaps these are questions to ask TikTok also.

Instagram and TikTok watermarks

A huge positive is the watermark. Just like TikTok, Instagram’s downloaded content will keep the watermark containing the original creator’s account name. Anyone then sharing this video will also be sharing the Instagram username of the person holding the rights.

Rights on Instagram and all social platforms have long been a grey area. When uploaded to the platform, does the creator still have their rights to the content? Well, not if they’re downloadable, surely. Users can simply press the share icon, and select Download.

Instagram have previously stopped promoting content with TikTok watermarks. In an effort to stop encouraging users to visit other social platforms and keep everything in-house on their platform instead. However, it’s not difficult to remove a video watermark.

This could be a problem Instagram can’t get around. Just like TikTok. There are platforms out there which easily remove a watermark in minutes. Without the watermark the videos could be taken by anyone and reposted. However, you could argue don’t upload it if this concerns you.

Here’s how to download a Reel 👇

  • Find the Reel.
  • Press the Share button (paper plane icon).
  • Choose Download.
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